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IoT Software Development

Boost your ideas with our expertise to create complex IoT software from scratch. Use the full potential of our engineering powers to build and deploy comprehensive solutions.

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Internet of Things Within Your Reach

Back in 2013, developing software for embedded systems was another ambitious goal for us and a new ground to explore. Later in 2017, CHI Software became strong enough to prioritize innovation in the form of AI, ML, data science, and internet of things development

Since then, our company has grown from 350 to 800+ specialists, and our IoT developers have gained experience in the automotive domain, healthcare, logistics, and agriculture.

Our skills have evolved thanks to creating completely unique, nontrivial solutions that require creativity and outside-the-box thinking. Being a team that loves challenges and values outstanding quality, we’ve become the IoT experts you can count on.

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What You Receive with Our IoT Software Development Expertise

ISO-approved quality

CHI Software is a company following international standards to prove our focus on high quality and premium data protection measures according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Impressive AI & ML skillset

Having three experts with Ph.D. degrees in our team, we apply a scientific approach and mathematical methods to develop advanced algorithms and technologies.

Award AWS
AWS and Microsoft cloud certifications

Trust us with your data, and our certified engineers will provide your IoT solution with top-notch cloud computing services.

Our awards and certifications
designrush AI Award
top 100 global outsourcing
iso 27001-2015
ai excellence award
iso 9001-2015
aws certified
the manifest most reviewed companies
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Creating New Value with Our IoT Solutions

IoT has many faces and can be found in your house or at a massive manufacturing enterprise. Either way, we are the team to support your idea and make it real.
  • Connected vehicles

    Such vehicles connect with each other
    and surrounding devices through wireless networks in order to report a car condition, adapt cruise control, plan routes, etc. This technology, among other capabilities, can significantly reduce the number of fatalities and car accidents on the roads.

  • Software for remote equipment monitoring

    This advanced technology enables setting up remote control over the equipment and machinery. Special sensors send updates to the system through the web and make them accessible anytime, anywhere, cutting the number of errors and time needed for reporting.

  • Smart home solutions

    It is a network of interconnected devices to control households from a smartphone or tablet: thermostats, lights, cameras, door locks, and many other domestic devices. A smart home provides an innovative approach to home security and energy use.

  • Energy management software

    As a subset of smart home systems, this complex selection of tools aims to help individual users and enterprises effectively manage energy costs and reduce them using real-time monitoring and reports.

  • Hail damage scanning systems

    This software helps special scanners identify major and minor hail damages on a car (including scratches) and automatically form a report on the vehicle’s condition in up to three minutes.

  • Remote patient monitoring systems

    Such software allows doctors to continuously monitor the patients' condition outside the hospital setting. It provides more transparency and improves medical decision-making for treating acute and chronic diseases.

Pivotal IoT Services We Provide

  1. IoT consulting Interconnected devices are far more complex than many might have thought. Our developers help you make sense of this technology and offer the best implementation scenario for your business. We study your idea or ongoing project step by step to derive maximum value with the optimal number of resources. You will get a clear work plan and tech stack suggestions for accelerated time to market.

  2. IoT software maintenance Your new business opportunities are already here – you only have to take a closer look. Our seasoned engineers will unleash new value from your existing solution using in-depth research and troubleshooting. We conduct a code review, suggest new features, adjust the overall performance, and apply SecOps best practices. Boost your market presence and increase sales with software updates and ongoing expert support.

  3. Integrations setup Harness any type of IoT integration with experienced developers by your side. We connect your device data with other applications and systems and conduct cloud migration for improved performance and easier access to all data layers. Our team will make sure that your IoT infrastructure is in tune with your hardware and functions according to crucial software requirements.

  4. Analytics What value do you really get with modern IoT solutions? Opportunities are limitless with the power of IoT data. CHI Software experts will help you process information from interconnected devices and transform it into one comprehensible data flow to make market predictions. Build your strategy based on facts, avoid guesswork, and be always prepared for upcoming trends and market shifts.

How It Works: Multi-Layered IoT Architecture


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