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Take your place on the digital landscape with CHI Software. We produce impactful web solutions to help your business remain competitive and stay close to the partners and customers anywhere they go.

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Skilled Developers You Can Count On

CHI Software has spent 16 years on the web development market to help you stand out. Our engineers apply clean coding, creative thinking, and a customer-centric approach to build recognizable websites and experiences.

We provide the powers of 15 engineering teams to cover the whole development cycle from start to finish: development services augmented with DevOps practices, software testing, and AI/ML expertise.

Focused on growth and education, we harness the latest approaches and tech stacks to provide our clients with more than they expect to get. As of now, we are transforming the industries of finance, retail, logistics, consulting, real estate, travel & booking, media, and insurance.

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Web Solutions We Produce

From elaborate eCommerce solutions to AI-infused systems, we help your ideas become real and bring you tangible business results.
  • eCommerce platforms & marketplaces

    Fast and intuitive, modern solutions for electronic commerce can push your business to new horizons. Our team will help you build a unique shopping experience that will catch the eye of your target audience and expand your market presence.

  • Payment systems

    Integration with a reliable payment system is another way to commercialize your products and services and reach out to your customers all over the globe. We provide seamless flows and essential protection measures to help your customers complete their purchases in seconds.

  • Web-based RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software

    The time when robots can help you deal with daily tasks has officially come. By assigning routine operations to technologies, you can streamline internal workflows, get a command over organizational data, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Web-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems

    Monitor the entire business and its minor elements with complex ERP software. With our development team, you can align financial operations, manufacturing, supply chain activities, HR management, and many other aspects using one reliable tool.

  • Billing & invoicing software

    Entrust monotonous tasks of billing and invoicing to modern web solutions. It will help you cut human errors due to manual data entry and achieve timely and accurate payments. Focus on your main offering, while software will handle the rest.

  • Cloud-based solutions

    The longer we study cloud computing capabilities, the more benefits we see it brings to businesses in nearly every industry. By turning to the cloud, you get almost limitless data scalability, improved monitoring, easy access to corporate data – and this is only the beginning of the list. Explore all capabilities with the help of our engineers.

  • Social media platforms

    Present-day social networks should respond to the needs of a demanding audience – we are the team to support you on the way. CHI Software engineers have advanced skills in implementing first-class tech stacks to sophisticated social media solutions.

  • Digital banking

    The banking industry now requires technical assistance to keep pace with the times. Satisfied clients, reduced bureaucracy, accelerated operations – all these benefits can transform banking as we know it. Having broad expertise in the field, we will help you adopt innovations at all stages of the working process.

Related Web Development Services for Your Project

  1. Consultancy Find your way on the highly competitive markets with our consultancy and business analysis services. We not only know how to code, but we can also help you target your efforts to the right customers and unravel your hidden opportunities.

  2. UI/UX design Quality design is the foremost tool to make an impression on your visitors. Attractive color scheme, clear navigation, quick access to main features – our creative team will deliver all of it according to your corporate style and software requirements.

  3. Software testing We have two testing departments (manual and automated) to deliver immaculate design and coding. Our testing teams take full responsibility for the quality assurance process: from defining primary goals and process setup to forming test reports and monitoring results.

  4. DevOps There is no fit-for-all blend of DevOps practices. Our vetted team builds up a unique combination of tools and services to provide optimized software releases. Our skill set includes continuous integration & delivery, cloud computing, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), container management, and more.

  5. Staff augmentation With a wide pool of in-house experts and contractors, we can fill pretty much any development gap. The entire recruiting process takes 2-6 weeks, depending on the project complexity and number of experts needed. Focus on your business while we solve all kinds of hiring issues.

  6. Ongoing support & maintenance Get the most out of your web solution with our adepts of clean code and accelerated delivery. Having broad expertise in most industries, CHI Software is always on guard against software malfunctions. We are here to prevent issues and provide innovations.

Our Technology Stack
  • java
  • react
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Node js
  • angular
  • dot net framework
  • c-plusplus
  • embedded
  • ai ml

Why Clients Choose Us

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600+ experts to make it happen

By collaborating with our team, you reach out to hundreds of engineering and product support professionals. Developers, managers, designers – we all work to provide the skills and approach you’re looking for.

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16 years of global experience

Starting with projects solely for a local market, CHI Software has gained an international presence in Europe, Asia, and North America. We know how your market functions, and we build solutions for your maximum advantage.

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ISO-based software quality

We treat project data with care and guarantee the best service you can get on the market. To prove it’s not an idle claim, our team received ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Work with specialists driven by quality and cutting-edge technologies.

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