ChatGPT Integration Services

Now is the time! Artificial intelligence has never been as accessible to businesses of any size and industry. CHI Software makes innovations a part of your ecosystem by providing ChatGPT integration services. You receive powerful generative AI instruments quickly and easily with a trusted vendor by your side.

The Full Spectrum of ChatGPT Integration Services We Provide

  • ChatGPT and Generative AI Consulting

    We offer tailored consulting services in case you don’t know where to start. ChatGPT is a generative AI tool, and we know everything about it. Our engineers will help you find the exemplary ChatGPT integration scenario to help you gain a competitive edge, provide a rough resource estimation, and pick an optimal tech stack.

  • ChatGPT Integration into Your Software

    It is the quickest way to get the work done. ChatGPT API integration brings a plethora of benefits right from the start. At this point, our task is to conduct a feasibility analysis and determine how to guarantee a seamless integration process. After that, we gradually move from planning to ChatGPT integration and final testing. We cover every step and will help you adapt the ChatGPT model smoothly.

  • GPT Model Fine-Tuning

    Do you need something special? It’s not a problem since GPT models are highly customizable. All we need is to understand your ChatGPT integration goals. This is it – you can trust us with the integration services from start to finish. Custom-tailored solutions, like voice assistant integration, allow you to cover unique challenges and achieve your goals faster.

  • Generative AI Development from Scratch

    In some situations, an off-the-shelf ChatGPT API is not enough. If this is your case, we’ll gladly help you out. CHI engineers specialize in generative AI and offer a full package of custom application development expertise, including business automation, natural language processing, and industry-specific chatbots.

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How You Will Benefit From ChatGPT Integration

  1. Improved Customer Service There’s nothing better for enhanced user experience than immediately answering customer queries. ChatGPT API integration makes it real. It doesn’t need time for food or sleep, so it’s always available for your clients’ queries, providing contextually relevant responses.

  2. Personalization How hard have you worked to provide personalized offerings to your customers? Now, with integration services, you need only one tool for that. ChatGPT API can learn customer’s preferences on the go and provide an individual approach to each client, boosting user engagement and customer satisfaction.

  3. Workflow Scalability We all know how the number of customer interactions grows with time. ChatGPT integration services can help you address this issue and grow your business without hiring more staff or buying additional tools.

  4. Increased Efficiency ChatGPT integration can speed up internal processes by automating repetitive tasks. From scheduling to data entry, this AI tool frees time for the creative and strategic work of your team.

  5. Enhanced Data Handling Would you like to gain valuable insights about your audience? Here they are! By integrating ChatGPT, you can process a huge number of customer reviews or emails in seconds using the power of sentiment analysis. API integration provides priceless information about people who buy your product or service.

  6. Cost Savings Automate tasks, and you will notice how much operational costs you can save – ChatGPT API makes it possible. It can generate intelligent natural language responses and generate reports, which were previously made only by humans. But those times have passed. Integrating ChatGPT is more than a trend. They are your future success.


The Most Popular Use Cases of ChatGPT Integration for Your Business

  1. Customer Support Systems ChatGPT integration services have made a revolution in customer support. Intelligent chatbots can process customer inquiries, manage bookings, and provide tailored consulting services. Now think of how it can improve customer satisfaction and save your employees’ efforts at the same time!

  2. Content Generation ChatGPT API integration services features can power up your content management systems with any text content, from blog posts to product descriptions and short tweets. If your team lacks a dedicated writer, this seamless integration is ready to offer plenty of ideas according to your business context.

  3. Language Translation ChatGPT integration projects break down language barriers by providing real-time translation services. This will come in handy for businesses that deal with international clients or teams, making sure everyone understands each other within seconds.

  4. Educational Tools This use case is particularly convenient if you need to train your employees or explain your product to new customers. Your ChatGPT-powered bot can answer tricky questions at any time of the day without delay and boost customer engagement. Educational mobile apps and platforms have won the jackpot with ChatGPT integration!

  5. Virtual Assistant ChatGPT integration services turn regular assisting mobile applications into superheroes. Such virtual assistants can keep track of the user’s schedule, remind them of important tasks, generate natural language responses to questions, and even manage emails like a human. What a great addition to your CRM system!

  6. Market Research ChatGPT is your number-one source of valuable insights. It can talk to customers and gather honest feedback and opinions much quicker and more engagingly than traditional surveys. This customer data can be gold for businesses looking to improve or develop new products based on data-driven decisions.

Tools & Techniques for Outstanding Generative AI Solutions

  • Generative AI Tools

    • LLM: GPT-4, Anthropic Claude, Google Gemini Pro, Misral, Mixtral, Grok, Llama, Gemma, Groq, AWS bedrock (foundation models)
    • Frameworks: Langchina, Langgraph, LlamaIndex, DSPy, Llama Hub, Perplexity, Ollama
    • AI Agents: Langchain agents, CrewAI 2.0 , AutoGen

  • Deep Learning Frameworks

    • PyTorch
    • Caffe2
    • NVCaffe
    • Chainer
    • Theano
    • MXNet

  • Modules / Toolkits

    • Kurento
    • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
    • Core ML

  • Libraries

    • OpenNN
    • TensorFlow
    • Sonnet
    • TF-Slim
    • Tensor2Tensor
    • Neuroph

  • Frontend

    • TypeScript
    • AngularJS
    • Next.js

  • Backend

    • Node.js
    • Python
    • R

  • Python Frameworks

    • FastAPI
    • Flask
    • Django

  • Cloud Providers

    • AWS
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud

  • Image Classification Models

    • VGG16
    • ResNet-50
    • Inception-v3
    • EfficientNet

  • Embeddings

    • OpenAI
    • HuggingFace (BERT, RoBERTa for text, CLIP for images, Wav2Vec2)
    • textembedding-gecko by Vertex AI

  • Algorithms

    • Supervised/Unsupervised Learning
    • Clustering
    • Metric Learning
    • Few Shot Learning

  • Neural Networks

    • CNN
    • RNN
    • Representation Learning
    • Manifold Learning
    • Variational Autoencoders
    • Bayesian Network
    • Autoregressive Networks

How It Works: ChatGPT Integration Process

  1. Defining the Use Case

    First and foremost, we should figure out your purposes for ChatGPT integration. These can include content generation, client support improvement, analyzing customer data, or other interactive features.

    • A clear understanding of why you need integration services for your daily business activities.
  2. Setting Up the Development Environment

    Now, our engineers get down to work. They install required software (a code editor and development tools), set up version control, configure a project repository, etc.

    • A configured environment ready for coding and API integration services.
  3. Receiving OpenAI API Keys

    After everything is ready on our side, we turn to our OpenAI accounts and request API keys, which are essential to access the API.

    • Receipt of API keys to access OpenAI’s servers
  4. Choosing a Programming Language and Framework

    It’s time to decide what additional technologies will lie in the foundation of ChatGPT integration. The popular options include Python, Node.js, .NET, and others.

    • A technology stack optimized for handling API requests and integrating with your existing product.
  5. Implementing API Calls

    At this stage, our engineers build a bridge between your software and OpenAI’s API by writing a code that handles data sending and receiving to and from ChatGPT.

    • Functional code that can send user inputs to ChatGPT and receive responses for seamless integration.
  6. Designing the User Interface

    The design stage is simultaneous with the implementation of API calls. While engineers are busy with ChatGPT integration, our designers craft a user-friendly interface that aligns with the project’s goals and requirements.

    • An interface enabling user interaction with ChatGPT, enhancing customer engagement.
  7. Testing the Integration

    We can’t proceed without ensuring that everything goes according to plan under various scenarios. Our job here is to conduct thorough tests and eliminate as many bugs as possible.

    • Detecting and resolving undesirable issues to provide a robust and reliable ChatGPT integration.
  8. App Deployment

    Finally, everyone will know about a successful ChatGPT integration! Deployment means that we make the solution available to end users. This step includes choosing a deployment platform, setting up continuous integration/continuous deployment, testing the outcome, and so on.

    • A live application with ChatGPT features available to end users.
  9. Monitoring, Updating, and Optimizing

    We can also help you maintain the integration’s performance based on user feedback and new features presented by OpenAI.

    • An up-to-date application that continuously improves and adapts to user needs and technological advancements.

Why Choose CHI Software as a ChatGPT Integration Provider

Experienced AI Integration Team

The AI industry is broad, and so is the arsenal of our tools. We specialize in machine learning and MLOps, computer vision and natural language processing to help you achieve maximum effectiveness with our ChatGPT integration service.

15+ Years of Market Experience

We’ve been here for almost two decades and have seen a lot. Starting as a small design studio, we are now a seasoned software development provider with a proven track record. We always think big, regardless of the project on our plate.

A Wide Pool of Technical Experts

CHI has gradually grown into a team of 800+ experts focusing on frontend and backend development, mobile engineering, cloud computing, QA and testing, business analysis, and UI/UX design. You can access hundreds of talents who make tailored solutions real.

What Clients Say About Us


The Vodafone company successfully works with the mobile phone insurance company "Shid-Zahid", and the main criterion of the project’s success is the use of the INRISK platform, an online insurance portal developed by CHI Software. The concept of the INRISK platform fully coincides with the Vodafone Ukraine strategy to digitize offered services and shift them towards paperless technologies.
We can recommend СHI Software as a highly professional solution for insurance business management.

olena myronenko
Olena Myronenko

Director of VF Retail LLC


We needed to transfer a bank of services from IBM to Amazon for about 10 partially interconnected products. Also, we required databases and outdated products to be refactored. CHI Software provided us with a dedicated team for each product. The logic layers were rewritten for Amazon and managed by CHI experts in non-practical databases. The development ran smoothly, and we are more than satisfied with the work done.

Evgeny Borisov
Yevgen Borisov

Big Data Technical Leader at NAYA Technologies


Media Markt worked with CHI Software for over 4 years. During this time the CHI team made important contributions to our e-commerce projects and to one of our core proprietary technologies in the area of distributed data synchronization. Alongside outstanding technical skills, these engineers have always been highly reliable in terms of quality and deadlines. Taking into consideration my experience, I would highly recommend working with the CHISW engineering team.

Bulat Rakhimberdiev
Bulat Rakhimberdiev

Solution Manager, Media Markt


To deliver the project on time, the CHI Software team stepped above the time limits and demonstrated high personal engagement. The technical level of the team and management was beyond our expectations. We will surely continue our cooperation in the future.

Shigenori Sato
Shigenori Sato

Founder of Pax Creation Asia


Lecre Inc. works in cooperation with CHI Software to create applications based on Computer Vision. The CHI Software dedicated team successfully delivered these products and coped with all the challenges. We are pleased with the results and ready to continue with new projects.

hisashi takano
Hisashi Takano

Director at Lecre Inc


The mobile application that CHI Software developed enhanced the company’s processes through automatization which satisfied client’s goals. The team exhibited efficient workflow and maintained tranparency throughout the engagement. They went above and beyond to deliver work in a timely manner.

Frederic Jacob
Frederic Jacob

IT application management manager, Labgroup


Well, we met the CHI Software team 2 years ago and started off with a single web application. Since then this company is our reliable software development partner, be it something fast and easy, like a feature update or a profound architecture building. We have our own technical team in-house, still, when we are in need of a partner who can urgently perform some extra development or require quality headhunting, CHI Software comes in. Always on time.

Olek Shestakov
Olek Shestakov

President, InsurTech Startup


I approached CHI Software with the task of creating a plugin for Google Chrome. The team did a great job and made a tool for analyzing content that is entered into the search bar.

I have been impressed with CHI Software’s understanding of concepts and the development process as a whole. I want to express my gratitude and look forward to using them again soon!

joe moschella
Joe Moschella

Head of Legal at Multi-National Tech Company


We have an in-house technical team but we needed a partner who could perform development in fields that we couldn’t cover. CHI Software has designed and developed an iOS and Android app, including its server backend and the site crawler it uses — it’s a big part of our system. They took the solution from an MVP to its final stage. We’ve been very satisfied with the team, they are very good in terms of planning, project management and customer care.

Michael Tanfilov

CEO, Democra.C

Techmeets Trader

CHI Software team is the best remote development solution I've found. Our team at TechMeetsTrader worked with the CHISW Node.js team to develop a highly scalable web application for online investors. The experience was great! Every developer spoke proficient English, was highly motivated, and consistently performed on the task at hand. Managers were easily reachable and committed to excellence. I look forward to working with CHI Software team in the near future.

Warren Lorenz
Warren Lorenz

CoFounder, CEO TechMeetsTrader


Although the development process is ongoing, the travel agency notes that the CHI Software team is attentive and receptive to ideas. The client also commends the team's communication style and availability, as well as their business-oriented approach to the project.

pavel golovnenko
Pavlo Golovnenko

CEO at Piligrim

Soft industry

The CHI Software team were able to implement several applications in the app that were in accordance with the requirements of the client. This allowed them to speed up and simplify the interface and make it more comfortable to use. The team's workflow was efficient.

Andrey Fedorenko
Andriy Fedorenko

COO at Soft Industry Alliance


The CHI Software team successfully developed upgraded versions of the company's products with new functionalities and features. Thanks to these contributions the company was able to increase their number of platform users and deepen the level of their engagement.

Salman Eskandari
Salman Eskandari

Founder at Albert AB

PrismTech Inc

We were in search of a talented team to develop a compelling product, and we were fortunate enough to have discovered CHI Software. With expert advice and guidance, they surpassed our expectations, transforming our concept into a stunning reality. Not only are their staff knowledgeable in their craft, but their professionalism is second to none. I highly recommend the services that CHI Software has to offer and look forward to future collaborations.

Peter K. Tran
Peter K. Tran

CEO at PrismTechInc.


We became partners with CHI Software as they have a wide range of experience in the healthcare domain. The team worked on a personalized health monitoring system with AI integration. CHI Software implemented our idea into the solution with effective time management and resources.

Raz Evenor
Raz Evenor

VP Business Development & Product Management at Owlytics


CHI Software Team were involved in the whole SDLC, including design development, implementation and maintenance of new and/or existing application systems. We had an excellent experience working with them so far.

Sylvain Thiebaut
Sylvain Thiebaut

CTO at BetterTradeOffPteLtd

nhi logo

Collaborators are full of well-being. The whole team is doing their best for the good development of projects. Also, I appreciate the general concepts of how CHI Software does business with its customers. It has been a very efficient collaboration from the very beginning. I believe we have a good potential to work in the future.

david ortiz
David Ortiz

Founder at NHI Colombia

urbant tech logo

CHI Software delivered the full scope of our mobile application backend and new website frontend with high quality. The company were flexible in planning and allocating additional resources. The team started working on the project in the fastest time, were highly reliable and easy to cooperate with. CHI Software is the partner who always reduces time to develop and market for us. We can recommend CHI Software to any startup willing to have a quality product in the shortest time.

Ivan Gammel
Ivan Gammel

CTO at Urban Technology GmbH


Here is more information to help you make the final decision about ChatGPT integration.

  • How can I select a company for ChatGPT integration services? arrow

    Choosing the right vendor for seamlessly integrating ChatGPT is straightforward. Look for a company with solid experience in AI and natural language processing challenges. It's a good idea to check out their previous custom solutions and see if they have positive reviews. Make sure they offer great support after integrating ChatGPT and double-check that they take data security seriously, especially if it's critical in your field (e.g., healthcare or finance).

  • How much does it cost to integrate ChatGPT? arrow

    The cost to integrate ChatGPT can vary depending on your needs and the system’s complexity. If you’re going for something basic to automate repetitive tasks, it will set you back USD 2,000, but more complex setups or larger-scale integration services could cost tens of thousands. You can message our team and ask for a free rough ChatGPT integration estimation based on your needs and market environment.

  • What is the duration of ChatGPT integration? arrow

    The time it takes to integrate ChatGPT depends on what you need. It will take two weeks for simple integration services, but if your final solution is more complex or you’re planning a big rollout, it could take several months. The timeline of the integration services also hinges on how prepared your current systems are and the openness of your team to collaborate with our engineers. You should also take into account the time needed to plan ChatGPT integration services. The bigger the project, the better we need to prepare.


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