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Retail Software Development

Win the heart of every customer with a seamless shopping experience. We build eCommerce and custom retail software to help you achieve strategic goals and open new business horizons.

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Retail Industry Overview

The term “electronic commerce” was first mentioned in 1984. Since then, a lot has changed for brick-and-mortar retailers. Access to online payments is becoming easier and faster each year, and shopping offline is not a necessity anymore.

Demanding tech-savvy consumers present extra challenges for the global retail industry. Not only do businesses have to be online, but they also should provide an engaging user experience. 

According to Nasdaq, 95% of all shopping activities will be taking place online by 2040. The global pandemic has only contributed to these impressive statistics.

The majority of modern retailers question their ability to keep up with an evolving eCommerce trend, and they are right in doing so. Companies need guidance and extensive expertise from retail software companies. Our team is here to provide it.

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Retail Software Development Services & Solutions We Provide

  • Native and cross-platform mobile apps

    They are a powerful tool to shorten the distance between your business and potential buyers. Enable your customers to access your store anytime, anywhere.

  • AI recommender systems, fraud detection

    Use the latest tech advancements to enhance the overall experience and provide customers with powerful layers of security.

  • eCommerce shops

    Bread and butter of online retail – eCommerce software development with a well-thought architecture and powerful databases can put you ahead in the market competition.

  • AI virtual assistants (chatbots)

    This AI addition to your online shop automates conversations with clients and can provide elements of personalization based on the customer history.

  • Online marketplaces

    The next-level eCommerce platforms, combining a number of products and services from multiple sellers. It requires extra efforts to synchronize all participants and provide buyers and sellers with different access rights.

  • Online payment systems

    An essential and final part of any online purchase. For an ideal user journey, modern transactions should be fast, intuitive, and secure.

  • AI-driven merchandising

    Merchandising based on algorithms allows human employees to work smarter with shop inventory and use big volumes of customer data for a superior advantage.

  • PoS software development

    The need of the hour for any brick-and-mortar shop which accepts online payments. PoS systems are the best way to keep payment records in order and maintain customer statistics.

  • Custom shopping cart development and integrations

    This transit point between choosing a product and buying it should reflect your corporate style and lead every customer to a purchase.

Rethink your role in retail with CHI Software

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Tackle Business Challenges with Retail Software Solutions

  1. Increased conversions Expand your audience and raise revenue by offering exactly what customers expect from online shopping: attractive designs, transparent navigation, and a secure payment process.

  2. Loyal customers Turn website visitors into the fans of your brand using all the bonuses of the modern retail IT services: personalized recommendations, an in-built referral program, repeat purchase mechanisms, and much more.

  3. Upgraded supply chain Innovate your company from the inside by optimizing the entire supply chain workflow. From manufacturing goods to tracking and shipping: use every data piece for building neat and efficient processes.

  4. Advantageous inventory management Keep an eye on everything you have in stock and make timely resupply using streamlined inventory control systems. This way, you will always have sufficient stock and avoid over-ordering.

  5. Optimized workflow Technologies do numerous tasks on their own: track customer history, chat with visitors, send signals about restocking, etc. Limit human intervention and accomplish more tasks with ease.

  6. Identifying market opportunities Zoom in to study complex customer journeys and find meaningful insights for building your next business strategy: find out what products and pricing models will be in demand shortly.

See What Your Business Can Gain by Choosing CHI Software Solutions for Retail

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State-of-the-art technologies

We provide artificial intelligence capabilities that allow you to reach the very top of the market competition. Don’t wait for another trend to emerge – apply predictive analytics to know beforehand what is going to happen.

Profound research and consultancy

Diving deep into your business and learning your needs – with this approach, we make every partnership unique and long-lasting. Our retail consulting services offer what brings maximum results to your business.

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Full-cycle development: from an idea to release

No matter how far the journey will take you, we’ll be there to guarantee expertise from hundreds of talents: developers, testers, designers, and DevOps engineers. We have a specialist to manage any challenge.

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