Interactive apps for bloggers

This product aims to help bloggers and influencers create competitive, attractive, and interactive content. All the screens that are displayed in the app are in HTML link format and everything is clickable.

Project background

Smartphone blogging statistics are constantly growing. There are over 3.5 billion people worldwide using smartphones, with the top 3 countries leading in mobile app usage being China, the USA, and India. 

Mobile apps for bloggers and writers are not new on the market, still, they’ve seen a rapid evolution in recent years with influencer marketing growth. Indeed, blogging has become easy now, thanks to technology.   

Our client is one of the leading US-based film production companies engaged in the production of feature films and commercials. They had a project with the main idea to help bloggers and influencers worldwide create competitive, attractive, and interactive content.  The main requirement was to make all the screens that are displayed in the app come in HTML link format so that everything is clickable.  

Our team had a task to create a custom software solution including: 

– Interactive Mobile Native Apps for Android and iOS users  

– Mobile Recorder  

– Web Editor  

– Web Recorder and Player

– Layers Recorder for Mac OS 

  • Duration: June 2017 – Sept 2018
  • Location: The USA
  • Industry: Media and Entertainment
  • Services:
  • Product discovery, POC, MVP development, Custom software development, UI/UX design, Native mobile app development, Web development, Software testing

Business needs

– Our client needed a custom content creation solution from scratch. There were no similar solutions on the market for bloggers and social influencers.  

– The main requirement was to add value to static headlines and images, giving app users an opportunity to click every piece of content and find relevant information without leaving the app.  

– Our client was looking for a professional dedicated development team to offer the best-suited tech stack and solution. 

– Our team suggested interactive app development to cover all platforms and engage more users.   

Product features

  1. Interactive Mobile Native App features. All the screens that are displayed in the Player are in HTML links format and everything is clickable. Every registered author has their own profile with 3 folders: Screens, Favorites, and Playlists.The author can edit profile information, search for the wanted screen(s), playlist(s), or author(s), check their pages, and add their screen(s) to their own playlist(s), or favorites.
  2. Mobile Recorder features. A user can edit the information about the recorded screen, set the privacy, choose its category and add 5 image previews of their choice.
  3. Web Editor features. A user can edit a recorded page, webcam, and sound. It’s also possible to drag and drop elements on the page, trim sound and video in the timeline, write and customize your own text, add any image/video, etc.
  4. Web Recorder and Player features. A user can record their browser session and save it on the server; recreate HTML, the sound of all the sites they browse, and the sound of their webcam; watch recordings; interact with the recorded content by scrolling the page and clicking on the links.
  5. Layers Recorder for Mac OS. Layers Recorder supports layerwise recording and cutting images, text, and graphics and has vast video recording capabilities.


CHI Software development team created a custom software solution including: Interactive Mobile Native Apps for Android and iOS users; Mobile Recorder; Web Editor; and Web Recorder and Player.

Interactive Mobile Native App

We created a native mobile app for both Android and iOS users. It allows users to watch various people’s screens, share, like, comment, and add to the previously created list of favorites. All the screens that are displayed in the Player are clickable.

Mobile Recorder

This Mobile Recorder is intended to record info from different websites, the voice, and the broadcast from the camera during the recording process.

Web Editor

With its help, a user can edit their recorded content in the web-based editor. It’s like Photoshop in the browser: a user can edit a recorded page, webcam, and sound.

Web Recorder and Player

We created this solution for bloggers and social media influencers. It gathers the recorded data and plays recordings like a simple video.

Layers Recorder for Mac OS

This recorder is a unique, professional screen capture tool for Mac owners. It smartly records screen content, i.e., layer by layer, so a user has more opportunities for accurate editing and montage.

Our technology stack

  • iOS
  • Android
  • JS

Client values

  1. We gathered a large development team fast, within 2 weeks.
  2. We analyzed the market and competition and offered a unique solution for the content provider.
  3. Our team conducted several usability tests to find the biggest usability pain points and to understand how the users are using the app.
  4. We found several usability issues to improve the solution.

Employee testimonial

Papin Paronikyan Android Technical Lead

It was very cool to be a part of the development team working on this project: we had regular stand-ups, groomings, and retrospectives, and there were disputes and discussions. Together we came up with new interesting ideas. As a result, the JS team created their own unique interactive mechanism to interact with the video. We, as a mobile team, adopted it on the mobile side so it was possible to record and play interactive/clickable videos from any platform. At the end of the project, every participant felt they have grown as a technical professional in terms of communication. We are a very well-built team with a high level of mutual understanding.

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