Amusement park management software development

Our client is a global leader in complex theme park management software, reality and system integration, real-time immersive media, and data-driven content with offices in the UK, US, China, and the UAE. They transform sensory experiences in themed entertainment, visitor attractions, and enterprise.

Project background

Amusement and theme parks have experienced significant growth in Arab countries over the past decade. With a growing middle class, increased tourism, and a strong desire for leisure and entertainment, the amusement park industry in the Arab region is booming.

However, as the industry expands, so do the challenges of efficiently managing and operating these parks. To address these challenges, developing specialized amusement park management software has become a critical need.

Our client stands at the forefront of the international arena in developing intricate theme park POC software, augmented reality, seamless system integration, immersive real-time media, and data-driven content. With a presence in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and the United Arab Emirates, they are reshaping the world of sensory engagement within themed entertainment, visitor attractions, and corporate environments.

This case study will explore the process of developing such an amusement park and attraction software, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within the region’s rapidly growing and dynamic amusement park industry. 

  • Duration: June 2022 - March 2023
  • Location: UAE
  • Industry: Entertainment
  • Services:
  • Custom software development

Business needs

– Enhanced Security Measures: 

The client needed improved cybersecurity measures after the cyber-attack on the company’s on-premises infrastructure. This includes implementing advanced intrusion detection systems, robust firewall configurations, and regular security audits for their amusement park and attraction software.

– Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: 

The desire to move data to the cloud indicates a need for a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plan. The client wanted to ensure that aqua parks management software data is regularly backed up and can be quickly restored in case of another infrastructure failure or cyber-attack.

– Enhancing the user experience: 

The client needed a theme park management system to analyze user behavior patterns and optimize their interaction with the system.

– Scalability and Flexibility: 

Cloud migration suggests a need for scalability and flexibility in our client’s amusement park management software solution. They required solutions that allow them to easily scale resources based on demand, optimizing costs and performance.

– Efficient Software Deployment: 

The use of Ansible for the automation of amusement park management systems suggests a need for efficient software deployment and management. Our client required tools and processes that streamline software updates, reduce deployment downtime, and ensure consistency across their infrastructure.

– Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection:

The client considered implementing continuous monitoring and threat detection systems in their cloud environment. These tools can help identify and respond to potential security threats in real-time, minimizing cyber-attacks impact.

– Cost Optimization: 

Managing cloud costs effectively is crucial for our client. The client needed strategies and tools to monitor and optimize their cloud spending, ensuring they get the best value for their investments.

Product features

1. User Engagement and Interaction

Interactive Map: A user-friendly map featuring icons and markers for attractions and events of the amusement park management system.

Game Integration: Seamlessly integrate park games for player engagement, with the potential to trigger immersive events.

2. Real-Time Information and Communication

Real-Time Scoreboard: Display player scores of the theme park POS software dynamically and in real-time.

Mobile Notifications: Push notifications inform users about special events, promotions, and game results.

3. Enhanced Park Experience

Drone Show System: Elevate the amusement park management system experience with captivating drone shows.

Day and Night Cycle: Create an immersive atmosphere with a dynamic day and night cycle throughout the park.

Interactive Light Shows: Allow theme park users to launch interactive light shows that can influence specific park areas.

User Progression System: Implement a user progression system that unlocks more interactions and experiences within the park.


Our team developed an amusement park and attraction software to gamify the visitor experience at a theme park. This innovative theme park management system is based on Single-board computers, making it a unique offering in the market. Our development team also:

– Designed solutions for seamless interaction with the park’s internal systems, like the theme park ticketing system, through a dedicated mobile application.

– Established the project architecture, incorporating essential elements such as databases and networking.

– In the context of gamification, we implemented attraction and entertainment software solutions utilizing computer vision technology in conjunction with a virtual reality system, enhancing user immersion.

– Ensured comprehensive security measures to safeguard the database from unauthorized modifications and to protect the source code against plagiarism.

– Enhancing the user experience, we introduced an analytics system to analyze user behavior patterns and optimize their interaction with the theme park management system.

Our technology stack

  • NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Signal-R
  • Hangfire
  •  Postgres DB
  • MongoDB
  • React Native
  • Nginx
  • Kafka
  • Ansible
  • Docker

Tech Block

In the early stages of amusement park POS software, we have carefully selected a technology stack that aligns with the client’s business needs, project goals, and requirements, ensuring scalability, reliability, and efficiency.

Backend Technologies

Our choice of backend technologies reflects our dedication to providing a solid foundation for our client’s application:

.NET 6: We leverage the latest version of the .NET framework to ensure high performance and modern development capabilities for amusement park management systems.

ASP.NET Core: This robust framework enables us to build scalable and maintainable web applications.


We understand the importance of data management of this family entertainment center software and have chosen databases that align with our client project’s objectives:

– PostgreSQL: Our selection of PostgreSQL is based on its open-source nature and robust extensions, ensuring data integrity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

– MongoDB: For storing unstructured data, MongoDB offers the flexibility and scalability required to handle diverse data types and adapt to evolving data needs.

Messaging and Integration

Effective communication and integration are essential components of the amusement park POS system success:

– Kafka: We have integrated Kafka as a message bus, a strategic choice for on-premises projects. It provides real-time data streaming and facilitates seamless communication among various components of your system.

Task Management

Efficient task management is integral to the smooth operation of amusement park management software:

– Hangfire: We utilize Hangfire as a task manager to execute background jobs efficiently. This ensures that time-consuming processes do not disrupt the user experience.

Deployment and Automation

Our commitment to automation and streamlined deployment processes contributes to theme park management system efficiency:

– Ansible: Ansible is employed for deployment and automation, reducing manual intervention, enhancing reliability, and accelerating the deployment of new features and updates.

Network Architecture

Client values

  1. User behavior analysis: 25% improvement in user satisfaction and engagement.
  2. Comprehensive data backup: 60% data reliability and recovery.
  3. Quick data restoration: 40% reduction in downtime.
  4. Cloud migration: 80% scalability and resource flexibility.
  5. Cloud cost management: 10% reduction in cloud spending.
  6. Cost optimization: 15% reduction in infrastructure costs.
  7. Ansible automation: 50% decrease in deployment time.
  8. Consistency in infrastructure: 80% reduction in configuration errors.
  9. Implement advanced intrusion detection systems: 30% improvement in threat detection.


Oleksandr Korotetskyi
Oleksandr Korotetskyi .Net Developer

This amusement park management software solution was and still is the best project I've ever worked on. It was truly magical; you get to create this enchantment for people in the entertainment industry, which is fascinating with all the ideas on making people happy. This theme park POS software does it all, and that's why I'm so proud to be a part of it. I'm very excited to share the results of my hard work. Although my main responsibility was backend development, I managed to add value not only to the backend infrastructure but also to parkwide media services and the gamification of the theme park visiting process. My favorite theme park feature is the realm-wide illumination sequences triggered by the player's game progress.

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