Truck tracking app development

This truck tracking app links the client’s devices installed on the driver’s trucks and the display of data from these devices on the driver's phone. The truck tracker app also monitors and rewards the driver for installing new devices or for safe driving, such as safe speed, braking intensity, travel time, etc., and gives the driver various rewards for marketplace discounts in the form of badges. In this driver tracking app development case study, we want to share our recent experience.

Project background

According to official statistics, the worldwide logistics sector made strides in its recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022, achieving a market size of around $10.41 trillion USD. Predictions indicate that by 2028, the scale of the logistics industry is anticipated to surpass $14.08 trillion USD. 

The logistics industry and business owners are grappling with numerous challenges, ranging from evolving delivery requirements and shifting consumer expectations to cybersecurity concerns, climate-related disasters, and geopolitical disruptions. Established strategies such as logistics network optimization, digitalization, enhanced asset-utilization efficiency, and the utilization of digital technology are being employed to enhance sustainability. 

The most in-demand solutions are the vehicle tracking app and driver companion app. Incorporating such apps into logistics operations can bring a significant competitive advantage for business owners, enabling them to meet the industry’s evolving demands and provide better customer services. 

Our client is one of the leading logistics enterprises in the USA. The client encountered logistical problems with their devices, which unfortunately hindered us from enabling the connection of their devices to the phone. This was due to the delayed receipt of the devices. As a consequence, their responses took considerable time. 

  • Duration: February 2023 – July 2023
  • Location: the USA
  • Industry: Logistics
  • Services:
  • MVP, mobile app development, embedded application development

Business needs

The client had issues with the logistics of the devices, so they needed help to provide the functionality of connecting the devices to the usersphones. Thus, they needed an effective app for truck drivers. Also, the client had too many stakeholders, which led to many agreements and contradictions in the functionality and long responses from their side 

The main tasks included:  

– Create an app for tracks driver’s convenience and for business owners to monitor the logistics in full.

– Communication within the driver tracking app through calls. Add multiple call modes: normal mode and CB radio mode. 

– Driver administration with social features such as call restrictions, bans and other social user restrictions, safe driving tracking through the achievement system, adding and deleting users. 

– Achievement system in the driver monitoring app through small rewards (profile patches). For example, the driver monitors the safety of his driving (braking intensity, speed limit, miles traveled in one trip, etc.) or receives rewards for the social component of the application, for example, making calls. There are a lot of achievements, and this is a way to encourage the driver.

– Several Shopify stores – marketplaces: one for selling merchandise and another for selling devices. After registering in this delivery driver tracking app, such stores must immediately register the user.  

– Security: When the driver starts moving, the truck tracking application automatically changes the status for receiving calls not to distract the driver from the movement. 

– A system of safe miles is also provided, that is, a system that does not allow the driver to drive more than the allotted time, exceed the speed limit, etc. Safe miles are accumulated, and the driver receives incentives from the company, but in case of a systematic violation, the miles can be reset. 

Product features

Mile Guard.

Safety is paramount for logistics, and this feature helps users to become a safer driver while reaping the rewards. Using advanced GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope technology, the truck tracking application continuously monitors all driving patterns. By analyzing speed, braking, and handling, the app provides real-time feedback to enhance driving skills. In addition, every safe mile earns a driver rewards they can redeem for exciting offers and discounts.

Virtual Connect.

Leveraging seamless WebRTC tech, truckers connect via pristine audio calls with peers nationwide. Whether sharing road updates, swapping travel tales, or combatting isolation, Virtual Connect rekindles the cherished camaraderie truckers have treasured for years. 

Trailer Connect.

This feature of the vehicle tracking app seamlessly integrates with the driver’s truck’s installed devices. Bluetooth connectivity gives them real-time access to vital details like tire pressure, door status, and beyond. They can safeguard their trailer’s health, staying ready for any road challenge ahead. 


We have developed a user-friendly built-in marketplace within the driver tracking app, allowing users to access a range of client-specific devices specially curated to enhance their truck’s performance and safety. Whether it involves tire monitoring systems, fuel efficiency tools, or other tracking solutions, users can seamlessly explore, compare, and purchase innovative products without leaving the application. 


We started the work on the app for truck drivers entirely from scratch: from the idea of the client and wireframes to the truck driver app development, the design and provision of the application to the stores. 

Currently, if the driver has the necessary devices, this truck tracker application can monitor the status of tire pressure, door and window sensors, etc. It all depends on the set of devices that a particular truck has. A special gateway allows to pair devices with the application via Bluetooth. 

This vehicle tracking app also has a social component, making this solution a driver companion app. So registered users can communicate via a call with other users. The user can set different statuses depending on how free to call. Inside are several shops where drivers can buy new devices or merchandise. 

Our technology stack

  • Kotlin for Android  
  • Swift for iOS
  • NodeJS for backend 
  • React.Js for frontend 
  • AWS Lambda  
  • AWS DocumentDB  
  • AWS SES  
  • AWS S3  
  • AWS Cognito  
  • AWS Appsync  
  • AWS Xray  
  • AWS WAF  
  • AWS SNS Secondary  
  • AWS CloudWatch  
  • AWS CloudTrail  
  • AWS CodeFormation  
  • AWS CodeBuild  
  • AWS EC2  
  • AWS VPC  
  • AWS Cloudfront  
  • AWS KMS  
  • AWS SQS  
  • AWS OpenSearch  
  • AWS DynamoDB  
  • AWS CertificateManage  

Client values

  1. We successfully managed the challenge of a tight MVP delivery timeline. 
  2. Despite the time constraints, our team delivered results within the specified timeframe. 
  3. We adapted the truck driver app development strategies to ensure continuous progress and mitigate setbacks. 
  4. Our development team prioritized meeting the client’s functionality expectations and successfully delivered the desired features. 
  5. We met all project deadlines despite the initial constraints and challenges. 

Employee Testimonial

Artem Chepurnyi Technical Lead Android

Working as a Tech Lead on this app for truck drivers for a logistics giant has been an incredible journey. Building a driver monitoring app that truly caters to the unique needs of truckers has been both challenging and rewarding. Seeing the Virtual Connect feature bring back that sense of connection among truckers, the Mile Guard system promoting safer driving, and the Trailer Connect functionality providing real-time insights have all been fulfilling experiences. The icing on the cake is the Shopping feature, where truckers can explore and equip their vehicles with cutting-edge client devices. This truck tracking app project has not only pushed the boundaries of technology's impact on people's lives.

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