Staff Management Software for a Big Danish Retailer

This is a staff management system designed for various types of company managers. It provides centralized team management software for managing and processing employee-related data, including documents, work cases, maternity records, salary adjustments, etc.

Project background

Recent statistics highlight the importance of streamlined internal systems for retail businesses.According to industry reports, companies that invest in integrated employee data management systems experience a 15% increase in operational efficiency, leading to notable cost savings. 

Data privacy and compliance are paramount considerations in today’s retail business landscape. With the implementation of a unified GDPR control mechanism, the project addresses the need to safeguard private data while allowing for the collection of non-private data for statistical analysis. This approach ensures regulatory compliance and aligns with consumer expectations for transparent and responsible data management.

Our client, a leading Danish retailer, has identified a critical need to streamline communication among multiple internal systems. The initial lack of cohesion hinders efficiency and data consistency across various departments. This staff management project focuses on developing an application that acts as a central hub, facilitating seamless communication and data transfer between disparate systems. This strategic initiative aims to enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual errors, and ultimately improve the organization’s overall productivity.

  • Duration: October 2018 - Ongoing
  • Location: Denmark, Sweden
  • Industry: Retail
  • Services:
  • Web development, Infrastructure management

Business needs

– Streamlined Internal Systems Communication: This staff management software should enhance communication between multiple internal systems. Our solution serves as a crucial mediator for various other systems, making it essential to ensure the consistency of data transfers.

– Bilingual Capability: The staff management platform needs to support bilingual functionality, meaning that all displayed data, including documents, must be available in both languages. Additionally, users should have the ability to edit this content.

– Unified GDPR Compliance: This staff management system requires a unified GDPR control mechanism that covers the entire system. The system should enable storing non-private data for statistical purposes while ensuring GDPR compliance for private data.

– Global Integration with Microsoft: Given the company’s global integration with Microsoft, the selection of Microsoft technologies and tools is a fundamental requirement for the success of this staff management software.

Product features

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC):

– Complex access management with RBAC support for precise control of user permissions.

– Multi-level company hierarchy support for fine-grained control over data access.

– Customizable access configurations, even for individual users of the staff management system.

Document Versioning:

– Version control system for documents.

– Ensures consistency in document generation, even when the text changes for future documents of the same type.

Document Structure Customization:

– Ability to build and adjust the structure of documents generated by the employee data management system.

– Empowers users to tailor documents to their specific needs.

Activity Logging:

– Comprehensive logging of all activities within the staff management application.

– Provides a detailed audit trail to track and review user actions and employee data management system events.


We joined almost at the start of a project as subcontractors, right after the first project release, to improve the project since it was in bad condition. Our involvement was driven by the need to enhance and optimize the project, which was challenging then. This project is ongoing, but we can share the following solutions we provided:

Our team developed a robust internal staff management tool to address the specific needs of various company managers.

This team management software offers a centralized platform for efficient management and processing of critical employee-related data, including documents, work cases, maternity records, salary adjustments, etc.

Our technology stack

  • Laravel 
  • Vue
  • MySQL
  • Azure
  • Azure DevOps: CI/CD
  • Redis
  • Twilio

Tech Block

Laravel, Vue, MySQL: These technologies were already in use when we joined the staff management project, chosen for their simplicity and efficiency.

Azure: Leveraging a suite of Microsoft services (App Service, Storage, Key Vaults, Database, Log Analytics, etc.) was imperative due to the company’s global integration with Microsoft, making it the ideal choice for seamless integration.

Azure DevOps: Our team implemented continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes through Azure DevOps for efficient development and deployment.

Redis: We introduced this technology to enhance the staff management application’s stability and performance in the cloud environment, optimizing the user experience.

Twilio: We migrated the application to Twilio to improve cost management and enhance security, ensuring that communication is both cost-effective and protected.

Client values

By providing this team management software, we have transformed a struggling project into a powerful and efficient tool that aligns with the company’s needs and ensures a seamless, secure, and scalable user experience.

Improved Internal System Communication:

Improved Internal System Communication: Enhancing communication between internal systems results in smoother workflows, reduced errors, and increased efficiency.

Enhanced User Experience:

Bilingual capability and content editing empower users to interact with the staff management application in their preferred language, contributing to a more user-friendly experience.

GDPR Compliance and Data Security:

Achieving unified GDPR compliance ensures the protection of sensitive data and the ability to utilize non-private data for valuable insights and statistics.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft:

The employee data management system project's integration with Microsoft technologies and tools aligns with the company's global standards, fostering compatibility, scalability, and improved collaboration across the organization.

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