Enterprise portal for an engineering company

Our client needed a corporate data portal for managing different partnership programs and production sites. The main aim of this portal was to manage both partners and locations in a more efficient manner.

Project background

Enterprises are worlds unto themselves. They are complex systems consisting of many independent parts that need to run smoothly at the same time in order for the whole to function effectively. There are many things that need to be in place for all the sections of a corporation to work properly. Corporate portals, also known as enterprise information portals, aim to enable the various departments of a corporation to work in unison.

As a rule, corporation portals take the form of private web-based internal networks. They are designed to serve the needs of a company’s management and employees. They act similarly to classic intranets in that they enable the distribution of information and services, uniformly and efficiently, across the various departments of an organization. 

The portals carefully control what information is available across the various sections of a company. Some companies will enable their employees to access information from sources outside of the company’s internal servers. However, the resources that will be accessible through a portal will be left up to the corporation’s policy architects.

Our client needed a corporate data portal for managing different partnership programs and production sites. The main aim of this portal was to manage both partners and locations in a more efficient manner.

  • Duration: September 2019 - Ongoing
  • Location: the USA
  • Industry: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
  • Services:
  • POC development, Web development, Mobile app development

Business needs

Our client needed: 

– to receive an effective solution to optimize the inner processes;

– to avoid switching between many applications and improve security;

– to find a dedicated development team.  

Product features

  1. Home page. Dynamic home page
  2. Search. A search function that ranges across the enterprise web portal
  3. Document management. Management of the documents within the company
  4. Intranet portal. Automated workflows in the Intranet portal
  5. Knowledge base. Tools for users to collaborate, including discussion chats and group calendars
  6. Calendar. Enterprise calendar to schedule events and meetings
  7. Employees space. Directory for employees
  8. Intranet portal. Intranet portal software with a mobile app


The solution provided by the CHI Software development team includes a web portal that consists of 2 parts: Intranet and Internet. Our solution for these 2 parts included various features related to the corporate management processes.

– The Intranet portal is used solely by the company staff and helps to streamline many aspects of the partner management processes. For example, it helps internal stakeholders to access information on different partners.

– The Internet portal is accessible to both certified and uncertified partners and provides features to streamline partner certification and ongoing company engagement.

– Our client has numerous factories and plants in many countries globally. Each plant streams its Big Data to a general data lake where this data is analyzed to conduct non-stop monitoring of key parameters, for example, machinery temperature and others.

Our technology stack

  • Python
  • Numpy
  • Numba
  • JS
  • C#
  • PyTorch
  • PostreSQL
  • NodeJS
  • Spark
  • Spicy
  • Azure function
  • Amazon Athena
  • Pandas
  • .Net Core
  • Azure IoT hub
  • AWS Recognition
  • AWS EC2
  • Docker
  • Kairos
  • OpenCV

Client values

  1. Centralized access to documents and information.
  2. Quick search of the needed content.
  3. Saving time by consolidating back-end applications into one point of access.
  4. Increased security by providing a single sign-in for all business applications.
  5. Quick and safe sharing of documents and organized work with them.

Employee testimonial

Iryna Kutova Project Manager

Working on this enterprise portal project was interesting because it was not a simple web platform. Our team provided custom software solutions since standard development approaches were not effective. Our team was very creative, and willing to learn and absorb new knowledge. Sure thing, it's always challenging to work with new knowledge. But after the completion of such a project, we can say with confidence that it was cool and we all learned a lot from this project.

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