Cross-border eCommerce solution

The product collected all borderless banking and cross-border eCommerce services on one platform to manage customers, vendors, and business accounts. This B2B and B2C fintech solution is pre-integrated with platforms like Shopify, YouCan, WordPress, and many more.

Project background

In the past, businesses and individuals were mostly restricted to banking in a single country or platform. Now, the rise of borderless banking enables both to benefit from greater financial freedoms.   

By definition, borderless banking refers to any bank account which allows users to spend, send and receive money across different countries and currencies without incurring heavy fees. For end users, borderless banking makes cross-border financial transactions more efficient and cost-effective. Through its rise, businesses, and individuals can gain easier access to international capital streams, which is crucial at this current moment of economic uncertainty.   

Our client wanted to create an intuitive borderless banking platform for all payments and money transfers for the Middle East market. We started with a platform for business owners, offering them a place to promote their products and services. After the analysis of MVP results, new functionality was added, and the platform transformed into a B2B and B2C cross-border eCommerce solution. 

  • Duration: December 2021 – August 2022
  • Location: The USA
  • Industry: Fintech
  • Services:
  • Product discovery, MVP development, Web development, UI/UX design

Business needs

Our client came up with an exciting idea to create a secure and intuitive borderless banking platform for all payments and money transfers for the Middle East market. Initially, the platform idea was solely for business owners, allowing them to promote their products and services in one place. But during development, new functionality was added and the platform transformed into a B2B and B2C cross-border eCommerce solution. The main business needs were to:  

– help grow a borderless business;  

– protect money transfers against fraud;  

– stay in compliance with regional regulations. 

Product features

  1. Payment methods. Enabling payment methods such as MADA, SADDAD, STCPay, and many more local payments
  2. Accepting different payments. Automatically accepting payments from standard Credit Cards like VISA and Mastercard directly or via Apple Pay and Google Pay
  3. Accepting COD. Accepting COD and reducing losses with incentives for digital payments or collecting cash upfront with Cash before Delivery options
  4. Option for Vendors. Paying vendors in one click
  5. Balance check. Tracking profits and balances under the account


CHI Software team analyzed the client’s idea and basic documentation and offered a technology stack and MVP version to check the initial idea. We analyzed the MVP results and transformed the idea into a cross-border eCommerce platform with integrated 3rd party solutions.

– Our development team implemented the UI for: onboarding and verifying new sellers and their businesses; underwriters to manage new verification requests; and support staff to view and track all activity related to a seller’s experience with the system.

– Implemented payments/product/transactions dashboards for sellers to manage their business transactions

– Created a multi-tenant system that protects all data with OAuth and Two-factor authentication

– Tracked all activity for all users’ data access, notifications, and account status changes

– Integrated the borderless banking solution with third-party KYC/KYB/Compliance providers

– Used VGS to provide secure storage of user information and Twilio for SMS verification

Our technology stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React JS
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Postgres DB
  • VGS (verygoodsecurity)
  • ShuftiPro
  • Twilio
  • Redux
  • Saga
  • Apollo
  • GraphQL
  • Sass

Client values

  1. We created a stable MVP version of the cross-border eCommerce solution for the Middle East market
  2. We ensured accurate users verification and money transfers against fraud
  3. Our development team enabled different payment methods on one platform
  4. We created a simple, user-friendly, and intuitive platform design


Employee testimonial

Dmitrii Tilik Front-end developer

First off, I enjoyed the well-coordinated work in the team. Together we have created a useful, thought-out, and functional app for selling various products where sellers can register, fill in their data, and create products, while underwriters ensure safety and quality. The app also allows users to securely connect their bank cards and make money transfers between users. I'm proud to participate in this project and confident this borderless banking application will become popular.

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