Document management solution for warehouses

The product is an end-to-end mobile solution to manage documents in various storage formats – paper, media, etc. It’s an Android mobile application for a custom device with Zebra SDK that works as a mobile device and bar-codes scanner as well. The application has its server-side in ASP .NET.

Project background

Lifecycle management or document lifecycle management is a process through which a document passes before it becomes feasible for the end user. Document lifecycle management software also ensures the best outcome for businesses by integrating document management-related programs.  

From data processes to business systems, such a program has many advantages. The main factors associated with such programs are cost, time, and quality. Optimized document quality is only possible thanks to such programs. They also help to easily analyze document-related data. 

Our client was looking for a development team to create a document management mobile app from scratch. The main aim of the app is to help the client’s employees (drivers, depot operators, and supervisors) to:

– digitalize the inner flow; 

– minimize paperwork;  

– get timely updates on the tasks. 

  • Duration: May, 2019 – Ongoing
  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
  • Services:
  • Mobile development

Business needs

Our client was in search of a development team to create a document management mobile app from scratch. The application is aimed at the client’s employees (drivers, depot operators, and supervisors).

The main idea behind the application is to:  

– minimize paperwork;  

– digitalize and trace the flow; 

– get updates for the tasks easily. 

Product features

  1. Supervisor’s role. Task creation, task assigning, and reassigning
  2. Driver’s role. Task acceptance, task execution, task editing, and processing – item collection, delivery, or pick-up, depending on the task type
  3. Operator’s role. Task acceptance, item preparation, location, disposal, and so on.


The process is quite different from the old one which had a lot of manual task management and printed task notes. Our product has been designed and developed from scratch, enhancing the current process with automation and saving time and money by reducing manual work.

This document management mobile app allows drivers and operators of the client’s company to:

– Get instant notifications about a new task

– Make changes in the tasks in real-time

– Review task details within the application

– Scan and operate with the different types of items

– Complete all tasks easily within the application

– The supervisors’ work also becomes more flexible as now a part of their work can be done via the mobile app

– The whole working process that should be tracked for productivity and work effectiveness is now clearer to oversee and analyze as the app enables time tracking options

Our technology stack

  • Kotlin
  • ASP .NET
  • Zebra SDK
  • Android

Client values

  1. We created a mobile solution that digitalizes the document’s lifecycle.
  2. This document management mobile app also minimizes paperwork.
  3. Thanks to this solution the work of drivers and supervisors has become more flexible as a part of their work can be done via the mobile app.
  4. We added new helpful features to the solution, like time-tracking.

Client testimonial

Frederic Jacob IT Applications Management Manager

The mobile application that CHI Software delivered enhanced the company's processes through automation, which satisfied the client's goals. The team exhibited efficient workflow and maintained transparency throughout the collaboration. They went above and beyond to deliver work in a timely manner.

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