Travel website for a leading tourism group

A popular travel app needed some customer experience improvements. App users can select, book, and manage various tour packages operated by multiple providers. The client wanted to automate most manual, routine actions for end-users convenience.

Project background

Over 1.5 billion people book travel per year, 70% of which is done online. In the world recovering from COVID-19 companies related to travel and leisure tend to invest more money in travel website development knowing that people prefer booking tours, hotels, and activities via the Internet.

In spite of the online travel agent market having dropped down by 20% in 2020, it is expected to capture growth of up to $820 bln yet in 2023

Our client is the world’s leading tourism group that operates worldwide. The Group is headquartered in Germany. 

This travel app allows customers to select, book and manage various tour packages operated by multiple providers. It needed some customer experience improvements. As an improvement, most manual, routine actions should be automated for end-users convenience.  

  • Duration: September 2020 - Ongoing
  • Location: Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom
  • Industry: Tourism
  • Services:
  • Custom software development , Web development, UI/UX design, Product support

Business needs

For most small tour agents Covid-19 was as deadly as possible. However, huge players in the global travel market did not close their businesses. When many countries opened their borders to travelers with vaccines, the tourism sector began to revive, improving current customer solutions or creating new ones. 

– The client was looking for certified Java Developers to join the ongoing project. 

– One of the main requirements was to join the project as soon as possible.

– Another requirement was a cloud-based backend on AWS for travel website development to process large volumes of data.

– Our client was also searching for creative UI/UX designers to simplify the end-user experience and assist with a convenient UI for his travel app. 

Product features

  1. Search and filters. Predictive search with drop-down menu powered by easy and intuitive search filters
  2. Favorites. Opportunity to add a location to favorites
  3. Tours options. Book and manage selected tours
  4. Personalization. Personalized user experience
  5. Tour offers. Search analysis and relevant offers for customers in doubt
  6. Reviews and testimonials. There is an option for users to leave a review or a testimonial
  7. Fees management. Management of automated booking and cancelation fees


A big dedicated team from CHI Software has been working on this travel and tourism website for over a year now.

– The Java team is responsible for creating a tool for configuring different rules: change, cancellation, and swap, i.e.managing and applying different fees on booking amendment or cancellation events.

– Our design team creates a user-friendly UI in accordance with the customer’s business goals and to drive the demand for services. We are responsible for different elements: navigation components, input controls, and informational components.

– Currently, this improved tour application consists of a convenient UI and a cloud-based backend for the Terms and Conditions settings. The project is ongoing.

Our technology stack

  • Java 11
  • Vue.js
  • Python
  • JS
  • Terraform
  • API Gatewaу
  • Lambda
  • Cognito
  • DynamoDB
  • GitLab C

Client values

  1. We formed a team of experienced Java Developers to join the client’s project within a few weeks.
  2. Our development team successfully configures change/cancellation rules, swap guarantee, terms, and conditions.
  3. Our UI/UX designers keep on improving the convenient UI for the client’s travel app.
  4. Thanks to the AWS-based backend our client can process large volumes of data and troubleshoot issues quickly.

Employee testimonial

Testimonial_ Kapustin
Vitalii Kapustin Team Lead of Java team

As a Java Team Lead, I’ve been working on enterprise projects for 9+ years. And it’s always a challenge when you work with reputed customers. Still, I always prefer such an experience to some simple tasks. ​ We joined this travel agency website in 2020, a tough year for the tourism sector. It was a totally new sub-project of the working solution. What I like most is: ​ - A well-organized Scrum process and estimation of the project. ​ - There’s always enough time to get all the needed requirements. ​ - The project is also very attractive from a technology perspective. It's a cloud-native application with a range of AWS technologies. Moreover, developers can tackle DevOps stuff because they work closely with AWS resources like Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, SNS/SQS, and Cognito.

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