Fleet management software development

This truck fleet management software consolidates sensor data from client’s devices into one integrated and intelligent system. The suite of the client’s hardware and software is like nothing else on the market, designed to be an integrated solution for use with any size fleet. Such asset monitoring solutions increase driver uptime, safety, and ROI while providing complete transparency into the status of an entire fleet, all in real-time.

Project background

The global logistics industry is experiencing significant growth, with an estimated worth of over $5 trillion. It is projected to expand due to increasing global trade and e-commerce activities. According to Statista research, the logistics industry scale and fleet management software solutions are projected to exceed 14.08 trillion U.S dollars by 2028.

According to the latest industry reports, inefficient asset management can account for significant operational costs, with estimates indicating that up to 30% of logistics costs can be attributed to asset-related issues. The demand for real-time asset tracking systems and custom fleet management software is on the rise, driven by customer expectations for accurate delivery time estimates, improved security, and cost-efficient operations.

And, of course, modern consumers expect accurate tracking and timely deliveries. A survey found that nearly 60% of online shoppers consider accurate tracking information as a significant factor in their purchase decision.

Our client, a well-established US logistics provider, required a real-time fleet management software solution, encompassing the following key objectives:

– Establish a unified platform capable of processing incoming data into actionable insights that clients can readily comprehend

– Provide instant, real-time updates on the status of logistics assets in transit;

– Generate comprehensive analytical data to support informed decision-making within client companies;

– Ensure seamless asset operations within the truck fleet management software solution with minimal disruptions;

– Enable clients to create customized platform divisions, granting access to trusted employees;

– Implement robust data storage capabilities for AI and predictive analytics applications;

– Facilitate proactive decision-making through preemptive information.

  • Duration: September 2022 – Ongoing
  • Location: the USA
  • Industry: Transportation/Logistics
  • Services:
  • Full SDLC development, MVP, Web development

Business needs


Create a fleet management software solution where major players in the logistics industry can manage their businesses;


Create a unified logistics vehicle fleet management software that ingests data and turns it into actionable and understood results for their clients;


Receive real-time updates on logistic assets while in transit;


Generate analytical data for their companies;


Ensure continuous asset operation without interruptions;


Enable your clients to establish their own divisions on the fleet asset management software and grant access to trusted employees.


Store data that can be used for AI and Predictive analytics


Pre-emptive information


Product features

My business 

This feature of the custom fleet management software allows top-level managers to create sub-businesses at a lower level. These sub-businesses can be kept separate while still allowing top-level managers to access and control all their data.


The mapping feature provides a visual representation of the entire fleet’s current locations on a map interface. This helps fleet managers quickly assess the geographical distribution of trailers and make informed decisions regarding routing and resource allocation.


The geo-fencing functionality allows users to define virtual boundaries or geographically restricted areas. When a trailer enters or exits these predefined areas, the asset tracking and monitoring system triggers alerts and notifications. This feature is crucial for monitoring trailers in specific regions or ensuring that trailers stay within designated zones.


The alerting functionality ensures that users are promptly notified of critical events and conditions. This includes alerts for high temperatures, tire blowouts, unauthorized access to trailers, or any other predefined triggers. Alerts can be delivered through various channels, such as email, SMS, or push notifications, ensuring rapid response.

Sensor Management & configuration

This feature of the remote asset monitoring solution allows users to manage and configure the various sensors installed in their trailers. Users can set sensor thresholds, customize sensor behavior, and calibrate sensors as needed. This level of control ensures that sensor data is accurate and aligns with specific operational requirements.


The dashboard or aggregator feature provides a centralized interface where users can access all relevant information about their trailer fleet. It offers customizable widgets and data visualizations, allowing users to tailor their dashboard to display the most critical data for their operations.


This feature of the asset tracking software allows users to generate customized reports based on specific parameters and share them with the responsible recipients.  


– Automation of Tasks: The fleet management software solution users can automate routine tasks related to trailer management. For example, the system can automatically schedule maintenance based on sensor data or trigger alerts for scheduled maintenance.

– Trailer Data: Tasks automation is applied to the collection and analysis of trailer data. The asset performance monitoring system can automatically collect, store, and process data from trailers without manual intervention.

– Trailer Health Diagnostics: Automated diagnostics continuously monitor the health of each trailer. When anomalies or issues are detected, the asset condition monitoring system can initiate automated diagnostic tests and generate reports for maintenance teams.

– Rules-Based Decision Making: Users can define rules and conditions for the asset performance monitoring system to follow. For instance, if a temperature sensor records a temperature above a certain threshold, the system can automatically adjust the trailer’s cooling system or alert personnel.

– Swagger: Including Swagger in the MVP allows for easy integration with other software systems and provides developers with a standardized way to access and interact with the system’s API.


Overall, this fleet management software solution offers a robust and flexible platform for efficient fleet management, ensuring the safety of cargo and vehicles while optimizing operational efficiency. The combination of real-time monitoring, event triggers, asset performance monitoring, and customization options makes it a valuable tool for carriers and logistics companies.

The large team responsible for fleet management software development and implementing this solution includes a dedicated team of CHI Software experts with extensive experience in data management and logistics.

CHI Software team created:

Daily data collection on Trailer

This involves a seamless process for collecting real-time data from trailers on a daily basis. This includes data related to trailer location, temperature, tire pressure, and other critical parameters.

Daily back office at Carrier

The collected data is transmitted to a back-office system at the carrier’s facility. This back office serves as the nerve center for the entire fleet management software solution.

During Campaigns

The asset tracking software is designed to be highly adaptable, allowing for specialized monitoring and data collection during marketing campaigns or other specific events. This feature can provide valuable insights for campaign optimization.

Event Triggers

This trailer/truck tracking software is equipped with event triggers that automatically detect anomalies or specific conditions in real-time. This ensures proactive monitoring and quick response to potential issues.

At Installation

Upon installation, the fleet maintenance software solution is configured to match the specific needs of the customer. This tailored setup ensures that the solution meets the unique requirements of each client.

Event Type = Time Frame

Configurable on the hardware by Customer/Manager

The hardware is configured during installation by the Customer/Manager to define critical values and specify when events should occur. This flexibility enables solution customization to suit various operational needs.


–  Real time – This logistics vehicle fleet management software provides real-time monitoring capabilities, ensuring that information is up-to-date and readily available for decision-making.





– Real-time catastrophic issues

Example: High Temperature or Tire Blowout.

High-temperature alerts are triggered if the temperature inside a trailer exceeds safe levels, protecting temperature-sensitive cargo. Similarly, tire blowout alerts ensure prompt maintenance to prevent accidents and delays.

Our technology stack

Programming Languages:

  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript


  • ReactJS
  • ReactQuery
  • ReactCodegen
  • MaterialUI
  • TailwindCSS


  • NodeJS
  • GraphQL


  • Jest
  • Cypress

Cloud Services:

  • AWS
  • Cognito
  • DocumentDB
  • OpenSearch
  • Lambda
  • AppSync
  • EventBridge


  • GitHub Actions
  • Snyk
  • SonarCloud

Client values

  1. Logistics assets with installed devices require 23% less maintenance thanks to timely notifications that prevent sudden failures.
  2. Logistics assets increased KPIs and travel time by 18% thanks to a posting system that displays and notifies managers.
  3. Increased management teams’ KPI by 23% thanks to comfortable and unified reports and alert systems.
  4. Operating costs are reduced by 8% due to the increased speed of decision-making thanks to the completeness of information from the asset performance monitoring system.

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