AI Assistant for Corporate ERP System

The client’s ERP system is an advanced, purpose-built solution for all backend processing, production, deal management, procurement, financials, and master data management. As part of this initiative, we embarked on an AI assistant development project to enhance the system's capabilities. The objective was to develop a text-based question/answer AI assistant that serves users through a web application using the ChatGPT API. This AI assistant integration ensures seamless interaction between users and the ERP system, making operations more efficient. Additionally, we implemented an AI chatbot for ERP functionalities to streamline communication and decision-making processes further, showcasing our comprehensive AI integration efforts.

Project background

In the modern, data-centric business environment, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems form the core infrastructure for many companies. However, their employees often need help with the complexities of these systems, which can impede productivity and informed decision-making. To address these challenges, our client sought to enhance their ERP with advanced AI integration. 

The main client’s goal was to dramatically enhance the user experience and cultivate stronger loyalty toward the company By integrating an AI chatbot for ERP, the client sought to reduce response times for user inquiries and enhance accessibility to necessary information. 

The AI assistant development included the integration of various data types, such as articles, videos, and other resources, to streamline user interactions and facilitate quicker access to relevant resources. This initiative aimed to increase efficiency in accessing and utilizing data, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and the user experience within the ERP system.

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Location: Canada
  • Industry: Agriculture

Business needs

The client wanted to improve the user service process within the existing ERP system. The primary aim is to boost customer efficiency and satisfaction, which will ultimately result in a better user experience and increased loyalty to the company.


Improve customer service process within AI integration into ERP system.


Reduce response time for user inquiries.


Enhance accessibility to necessary information.


Integration of various data types, including articles, videos, and other resources.


Increase efficiency in accessing and utilizing data.


nhancement of overall customer satisfaction.


Improvement in the user experience of the ERP system.


Streamlining user interactions within the ERP platform.


Implementation of features to facilitate quicker access to relevant resources.

Product features

– Natural Language Understanding​

– Intent Recognition​

– Entity Extraction​

– Contextual Understanding​

– Multi-format Input Support​

– Knowledge Base Integration​

– Real-time Data Retrieval​

– Response Generation​

– Personalization​

– Error Handling and Feedback​

– Continuous Learning​

– Security and Compliance​

– Scalability​

– Analytics and Insights​

– AI Integration with External Systems


The AI chatbot for ERP solution aligns with our goal of implementing a proof of concept (POC) using existing solutions while providing a solid foundation for future enhancements and scalability. ​​

The AI-powered Q&A system POC can now deliver a robust and efficient solution for enhancing user productivity and decision-making within the ERP environment.​

1. We conducted AI Assistant integration into the ERP system to provide users with instant access to relevant information.

2. Utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, we extracted and processed information from various text formats, including docx, pdf, etc.​

3. We also developed a user-friendly Administrative Panel to efficiently manage and update the AI Assistant’s knowledge base.

4. This text-based AI Assistant is integrated with advanced technologies and cloud services:​

– enhances user experience, ​

– streamlines information access within the ERP system and ​optimizes administrative tasks through efficient knowledge base management.

Enhancing AI Assistant Performance Through Integration and Adaptation

AI Integrations: 

– Our AI chatbot for ERP connects with various external services and databases through APIs.​

– This integration empowers the AI Assistant to perform a wide range of tasks, from fetching real-time information to seamlessly executing complex actions.

Utilizing Custom Data for Knowledge Base​

– Custom data shapes the AI Assistant’s knowledge base, boosting its effectiveness in understanding and responding to users..​

– We use varied, reliable custom data tailored to different user scenarios.​

– We craft prompts to generate well-formed responses from the knowledge base for user queries. 

Ensuring Data Security:

– Our AI chatbot for ERP robust encryption and access controls safeguard user information and sensitive data.​

– Ensuring the integrity and privacy of data is paramount to us. We implement robust protocols aimed at fortifying defenses against unauthorized access and potential data breaches..

Self-learning Capabilities:

– Our AI Assistant continuously utilizes machine learning algorithms to improve replies based on user interactions.​

– By learning from past interactions, this AI chatbot for ERP can provide increasingly accurate responses, enhancing the overall user experience over time.

Our technology stack

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)​
  • Langchain (alt. LlamaIndex)​
  • Pgvector
  • Azure OpenAI Services​
  • Front End development tools + framework​
  • Backend development tools​
  • Backend server for hosting the system​
  • Azure Cloud provider

Client values


Enhanced User Experience: Introducing a text-based AI chatbot for ERP within the ERP system improved user interaction, leading to a projected 15% increase in user satisfaction and productivity.


Optimized knowledge management: Introducing a user-friendly administrative panel improved knowledge base management efficiency by 25%, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving.


Improved operational efficiency: Implementing NLP techniques and cloud integration reduced response times by 20%, decreased manual interventions by 30%, and enhanced overall operational efficiency.


Cost Savings and Scalability: Hosting the solution on Azure Cloud Infrastructure offered scalability, flexibility, optimized costs up to 30% compared to traditional hosting solutions.


Competitive advantage: By embracing AI integration, the organization gained a competitive edge, leading to increased market share and customer loyalty.

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