Cross-Platform Health and Wellness Mobile App

Our client, a leading wellness organization based in the UK, is at the forefront of leveraging technology to make personalized health and wellness guidance accessible to all. The client's mission is to empower individuals on their journey to healthier lifestyles through innovative and user-centric solutions.

Project background

Our project started with a simple yet powerful idea – to make personalized health guidance available to everyone. The client, a leading wellness organization in the UK, wanted to empower individuals on their journey to healthier living. This led to the creation of a cross-platform mobile health and wellness application that goes beyond typical fitness tracking.

Collaboration with top nutritionists added expert insights directly to the mobile health app development. Using Contentful, users could interact with experts, ask questions, and receive timely notifications.

The goal was clear: develop a virtual health assistant that covers not just physical health but also mental well-being and nutrition. Adopting modern technology and design, the project aimed to provide an intuitive and engaging user experience.

  • Duration: April 2021 – Ongoing
  • Location: UK
  • Industry: Healthcare/Wellness
  • Services:
  • Mobile app development, DevOps support

Business needs


Market Leadership in Wellness Solutions: Our client aims to solidify its position as a market leader in the wellness domain and offer innovative and personalized health and wellness solutions, setting new industry standards.


User Engagement and Adoption: The client seeks to create a cross-platform solution that not only tracks health metrics but also motivates users, fostering a loyal user base and ensuring high user engagement and widespread adoption of the health and wellness app.


Value Addition to User's Wellbeing: The overarching business need is to provide a holistic solution that adds significant value to the user's health and well-being, like optimizing sleep routines, promoting healthier habits, and offering personalized strategies.


Global Accessibility and Inclusivity: Ensuring global accessibility and inclusivity is a key business need. The client aims to reach a diverse audience, regardless of geographical location or background, contributing to the application's widespread adoption and impact.


Scalability for User Growth: Designing the cross-platform application with scalability in mind addresses future user growth. As the user base expands, the mobile health app development should seamlessly scale to meet increasing demands without compromising performance.


Brand Differentiation and Recognition: A core business need is creating a unique brand identity and differentiating the application from competitors. The client aims for the healthcare app to stand out in the crowded wellness app market, fostering brand recognition and loyalty.

Product features

– Tailor fitness and nutrition plans for individual health goals, ensuring a unique wellness journey.

– Learn scientifically backed techniques from the healthcare app to manage stress and uplift mood.

– Receive comprehensive guidance for healthier habits, promoting immune system health and gut well-being.

– Craft daily routines to boost energy levels and enhance zest for life.

– Get tailored strategies to enhance cognitive function and boost memory retention.

– Use timely reminders for health goals, fostering adherence to wellness routines.

– Set context-specific reminders for seamless integration into daily activities, prioritizing holistic well-being.

– Communicate with wellness experts through the health and wellness app for personalized guidance.


The implemented solution is a cutting-edge cross-platform mobile health application that redefines personalized health and wellness experiences. Tailored for users seeking holistic well-being, the application serves as a dynamic personal assistant. The key components of the provided solution include:

– Microservice Architecture:

Leveraging a sophisticated microservice architecture ensures the distributed operation of individual application modules, enhancing overall performance. This architectural choice is instrumental in accommodating scalability and optimizing the efficiency of diverse functionalities.

– Intuitive UI/UX Design:

The healthcare application boasts a modern and intuitive user interface, designed with the latest approaches and technologies in UI/UX. This emphasis on user-centric design enhances the overall user experience, making navigation and interaction seamless and enjoyable.

– Contentful Integration for Collaboration:

The integration of Contentful facilitates seamless collaboration between users and industry experts. Users can pose questions, receive expert insights, and engage in a dynamic exchange of information. This collaborative element transforms the application into a hub for personalized wellness advice.

– Health and Wellness Features:

The mental health app development encompasses a rich array of features, including fitness tracking, nutrition insights, mental wellness techniques, and personalized strategies for various health goals. These features collectively contribute to a comprehensive approach to holistic health.

– Wearable Data Integration:

Acknowledging the significance of wearable technology, the solution seamlessly integrates data from smartwatches. This feature allows users to have a more comprehensive health monitoring experience by incorporating data from their wearables into the health application.

Our technology stack

  • .NET
  • ASP.NET Core (WebApi)
  • EF Core
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure APP Service
  • Azure Function
  • Service Bus
  • React Native
  • Contentful
  • Key Vault

Client values


User engagement has gone up by 20%, with a 15% increase in users adopting the healthcare app, thanks to personalized wellness plans and scientific techniques.


Our client now holds a 25% larger share of the market, showcasing the app's innovative features and exclusive content, solidifying our position as a leader.


The client's healthcare app is now used by 2 million people worldwide, making personalized health guidance accessible globally.


Users report a significant 30% improvement in well-being metrics, including better sleep and reduced stress.


Users are now 90% satisfied, and their loyalty has increased by 25% due to user-friendly features and gamification.


Application performance has improved by 20%, and scalability has increased by 30% to accommodate more users.


Achieving 99% compliance has boosted user trust by 25%, ensuring data security and privacy.

Employee Testimonial

Michael Fastov .NET Developer

I've spent the last six months on an exciting healthcare project. One highlight was integrating the MyNetDiary API to enhance our app's nutritional features, and collaborating with nutritionists for personalized nutrient calculations. To improve the app's structure, health and fitness app developers implemented the CQRS pattern, boosting performance across domains. Additionally, I integrated Contentful for efficient content management, ensuring timely user information delivery. Looking back, it's been a challenging yet rewarding journey. Our teamwork and innovative features have positively impacted the healthcare experience. I'm proud to be part of a team pushing boundaries in healthcare and excited about the project's ongoing success.

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