CHI Software Honored as a Global Outsourcing 100 Company by IAOP

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We are glad to announce that this year our company has been included in the 2023 Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP. The Global Outsourcing 100 is the annual listing of the world’s best outsourcing service providers. Participation in this program demonstrates our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in the IT service industry. 

For 2023, four areas were considered and judged: 

  1. Customer References as demonstrated through value being created by the company’s top customers. 
  2. Awards and Certifications as demonstrated through the value being created through industry recognition and relevant organizational and individual professional certifications. 
  3. Programs for Innovation as demonstrated through specific programs and resulting outcomes that produce new forms of value for customers. 
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as shown through corporate programs and outcomes that address community involvement and development, labor practices, human rights, fair operating practices, environmental impacts, consumer issues, and organizational governance. 

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“In a year when service providers and advisors navigated new — or more intensified — challenges and disruption, the 2023 Global Outsourcing 100® demonstrated that they could and did rise to the occasion,” said IAOP’s CEO, Debi Hamill. “We are especially proud of these organizations that strived to excel, innovate and pave the way in unprecedented times. Congratulations, CHI Software, on being included among the very best in the world.” © 2023 IAOP. All Rights Reserved.  

About The Global Outsourcing 100 

As the global, standard-setting association and advocate for outsourcing professionals and the organizations they support, IAOP® annually produces subsequent research to help companies in their outsourcing decisions. 

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The Global Outsourcing 100 and its sub-lists are essential references for companies seeking new and expanded relationships with the best companies in the industry. The lists include companies worldwide that provide the full spectrum of outsourcing services — not just information technology and business process outsourcing, but also facility services, real estate and capital asset management, manufacturing and logistics. They include not only today’s leaders but tomorrow’s rising stars. 

Judging is based on a rigorous scoring methodology that includes an independent review by a panel of IAOP customer members with extensive experience in selecting outsourcing service providers and advisors for their organizations. 

“We are honored and thrilled to be among the leading companies listed in the prestigious IOAP program, The 2023 Global Outsourcing 100®. We are very grateful for the opportunity to share our experience with like-minded professionals and be a part of this great community,” said CHI Software CEO, Bogdan Steblyanko. “I would also like to thank my team for the great work done and our partners for their trust and support.”  

About IAOP 

IAOP is the sourcing community, with collaboration at its core, that drives exceptional business and societal outcomes. Its members and affiliates worldwide are digging deep at IAOP conferences, learning at IAOP chapter meetings, getting trained and certified at IAOP courses and workshops, and connecting through IAOP social media, all with one goal: better business results.  

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