One month after the war broke out, the IT industry remains a leading field in the economic stability of Ukraine. The country’s economy is now defended by more than 85% of IT professionals.

According to a survey by the IT Ukraine Association, since the war started, more than 2% of IT professionals mainly with military experience have joined the Armed Forces. In some small companies with a staff of up to 200 people, 20% of specialists joined the army.

About 5% of IT experts are involved in the fight at the information and cybersecurity front,  and support the critical infrastructure facilities. At the same time, there are companies where almost 100% of specialists work in the cyber forces right now.

How IT experts help Ukraine

IT Ukraine Association survey

Let’s see how the CHI Software team is combining these tendencies and contributing to the victory of Ukraine. 

How CHI Software Operates During the War

1. New offices and locations

The company opened a new office in Lviv. Now it is a safe place for our employees where they have everything they need for productive work. Currently, the office also serves as a temporary shelter for CHI employees, their families, and pets coming from other regions of Ukraine. We have created special cozy areas where people can rest, sleep, cook, and adjust to silence.

CHI Software office in Lviv

Lviv office of CHI Software

In addition, we are broadening our company geography in April with new offices in Japan, in Kobe, and new locations in the United States. 

2. Business operations 

After one month of a full-scale war, the CHI Software team managed to keep the current business operations very close to pre-war conditions. What does it mean? It means that the entire team is back to the daily working routine and focuses on their core responsibilities.

Of course, many company employees needed some time to get to safer places and get settled there. During this tough time, the company’s management communicated closely with all units to help adapt our people to the new reality. 

3. Clients and partners 

First of all, our team is very grateful to all our partners, clients, and public figures for the support and encouragement we received these days. It means the world to our team and motivates us to get stronger each day. We feel that we can cope with upcoming challenges because the world is on our side.

Joining the global initiative, the CHI Software team has rejected any potential contract with Russian or Belorussian aggressors. Previously, our company has not cooperated with the business of these countries. We also kindly ask our partners to support this anti-aggressors movement and help us win this war faster. 

How We Support Our Employees 

Being a people-centric company, CHI Software always cares for people first. Especially now. 

Happy to share that over 80% of our employees have already successfully migrated to a safer Ukrainian region or abroad with their families and pets. Our company helped by providing accommodation, car fuel, and humanitarian aid to everyone in need.

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And now our main task is to help our people adapt to new realities, support them mentally and provide stable work. Our Human Resource Managers contact all employees and ask if anything is needed and how can the company help. We are also thankful that our clients are signing new agreements with us, and advising our services to their professional network.

How We Support Ukrainian Army 

We are proud that many of our employees decided to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Company management totally understands and supports such a natural impulse and keeps the salary of our heroes in full. We also do our best to provide regular financial and humanitarian aid: 

  • One of our co-founders, Evgeniy Cherniak, personally donated 3 million UAH to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
  • Once a week, our company transfers money to support our Armed Forces. 
  • The company employees also want to support our army and collect money as a separate fund.
  • 10% of the CHI IT Academy courses are transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • We also sent warm waistcoats and heaters to the Volunteer Centers for Refugees.


Let’s admit, this world will never be the same as we knew it till February 24, 2022. On the bright side, we are all taking part in the global fight against the Russian aggressor and we are winning! 

Some are fighting on the battlefields, others are supporting the cyber front and some are doing their best to support the country’s economy. The CHI Software team is proud to be a member of the invincible forces that protect our dear Ukraine! 

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Irina is a Creative Writer with 10+ years of experience within the software development domain. She is keen on everything tech and gets easily inspired, follows all the recent IT-related trends, and loves creating interesting content for the CHI Software blog, and social media.

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