Starting from February 24, Ukraine has faced the biggest military invasion since WWII. Thousands of people, families, and businesses have to overcome immense difficulties to survive. But what we’ve learned so far is that neither Ukrainians nor the CHI Software team is not going to give up.

Kharkiv before the war

Kharkiv before the war

Everyone in the company is committed to working and preparing the ground for the brighter future of the Ukrainian business and, therefore, the state’s economy. 

We are changing. But we still love what we do, and we are not going to stop. This is how we operate so far.


Our headquarters and most of our team are located in Kharkiv, a city close to Russian-Ukrainian borders. Our Kyiv and Zaporizhzhya teams are also under potential threat. These circumstances required immediate actions during the first days of the war.

80% of our employees have already successfully migrated to a safer Ukrainian region or abroad. The company helps by providing accommodation, car fuel, and humanitarian aid to everyone in need.


Considering the threat coming from the neighboring country, the CHI Software board organized a new office in Lviv, a city close to the Polish-Ukrainian borders, before the war started. 

For now, it is the safest location where any of our employees can get a fully equipped working place. Even more, our Lviv office is now serving as a temporary shelter for families coming from other regions.

Unfortunately, our Kharkiv office was damaged after the Russian troops bombarded a sports complex across the road. 

Post-war office building | CHI Software

Damaged CHI Software office building after bombardment in Kharkiv


Our business mission is to keep our current operations as close as possible to pre-war conditions. 

Obviously, many CHI Software employees needed some time to get to a safer place and establish their life there. During these harsh times, the company’s board communicated closely with all departments to help our specialists adapt their operations to the new reality.

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Our regular tasks are one of a few things on which we have a direct impact. For this reason, the CHI team is glad to get back to the daily working routine and focus on their responsibilities.


First of all, we want to thank all our clients and the general public for the massive wave of encouragement we received these days. It means the world to our team and motivates us to get stronger each day. We feel that we can cope with upcoming challenges because the world is on our side.

We also wish to emphasize that CHI Software has not cooperated with Russian and Belorussian businesses and rejects any potential contracts with these countries.


The world around us is changing faster than anyone might think. We are grateful to everyone who stands for peace and freedom in Ukraine and Europe in general.

While the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting in the trenches, we are spreading the word about what is truly happening in our country and why it should be stopped.

Our current priorities are to continue living, working, and uniting with the international community of like-minded people. We believe that peace will soon come to the Ukrainian land. And we will do our best to rebuild what was damaged.

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