The fifth CHI Talk is on its way. At our new webinar, we will continue researching NLP (Natural Language Processing) and its contribution to human-technology relations, this time focusing on text simplification. 

Simplified text content is just a godsend for a tech-savvy world. Machines, regardless of how intelligent they are, cannot fully process rich human vocabulary. To meet this challenge, NLP engineers can reduce linguistic complexity. We will see how it’s done in practice.

Join our webinar “Text Simplification: Progress, Tasks, and Perspectives” on May 25 at 4 pm CEST. The lecture will disclose resources and methods of text simplification using the example of medical and educational texts written in the Ukrainian language.

Text Simplification: Progress, Tasks, and Perspectives – CHI Software webinar

The webinar’s speaker is Olha Kanishcheva, a researcher at Jena University and a consulting ML/NLP Engineer at CHI Software with 10+ years of experience in the NLP niche. Olga is the author of several scientific publications related to text summarization, covering entity recognition, keyword extraction, etc. She is also a Member of the SIGSLAV group, the Special Interest group on Slavic Natural Language Processing.

Our webinars are live events, so you can communicate with a speaker directly by asking any questions on the topic.

Join us on May 25, at 4 pm CEST, on our LinkedIn page. Follow the link to register for the event.

CHI Talks is a series of free webinars initiated by the CHI Software team to uncover all sides of the IT industry, from AI engineering to MarTech and sales. With the help of prominent experts, we delve into details and leave no questions unanswered.

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