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What do Salesforce, Microsoft, and Slack have in common? All of them have been using ChatGPT. But it doesn’t mean only big corporations can implement it. Quite the opposite.

CHI Software specializes in all aspects of AI, including ChatGPT, to help businesses of any size optimize their operations and intensify revenue streams.

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Grow Your Business with GPT-4 Innovations

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Top-Notch Chatbot

Get rid of the husk by delegating common inquiries to GPT-4 chatbots. Let your customer care team focus on what matters most.

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Increased Productivity

Build an app with ChatGPT features to eliminate routine tasks and respond to client requests as soon as they appear in your inbox.

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Distinct Advantage

Always remain at the first row of competition with provided innovations and superb self-service interactions. Be different in the very best way.

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How Can We Help You Get Ahead of the Curve in Your Industry with GPT-4 Solutions?

  • E-Commerce

    Quickly generate accurate product descriptions and provide an individual approach to customers with the smartest chatbot solutions.

  • Automotive

    Reach a new level of customer satisfaction by providing instant service appointments, enhancing the manufacturing process, and improving car navigation features.

  • Logistics

    Streamline every stage of daily supply chain operations by automating customer support, optimizing document processing, and managing available data with ease.

  • Healthcare

    Revolutionize the industry by delivering personalized treatment plans, upgraded remote patient monitoring, medical translation solutions, and so many more.

  • Media & Entertainment

    From script ideas to comedic skits and song lyrics, GPT is an inexhaustible resource of content inspiration for any genre and purpose.

  • E-Learning

    Discover the quickest way to generate quizzes and tutorials as well as a go-to option to receive a personalized educational experience.

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Client Testimonials


Lecre Inc. works in cooperation with CHI Software to create applications based on Computer Vision.
The CHI Software dedicated team successfully delivered these products and coped with all the challenges. We are pleased with the cooperation results and ready to continue on with new projects.

hisashi takano
Hisashi Takano

Director at Lecre Inc


Media Markt worked with CHI Software for over 4 years. During this time the CHI team made important contributions to our e-commerce projects and to one of our core propitiatory technology in the area of distributed data synchronization. Alongside outstanding technical skills, these engineers have always been highly reliable in terms of quality and deadlines. Taking into consideration my experience, I would highly recommend working with the CHISW engineering team.

Bulat Rakhimberdiev
Bulat Rakhimberdiev

Solution Manager, Media Markt


The CHI Software team successfully developed upgraded versions of the company's products with new functionalities and features. Thanks to these contributions the company was able to increase their number of platform users and deepen the level of their engagement.

Salman Eskandari
Salman Eskandari

Founder at Albert AB

We are here to answer any of your questions

These are the essentials you probably want to know right now.

  • Is ChatGPT available in multiple languages? arrow

    Initially, ChatGPT was trained on English text, but OpenAI has expanded support for other languages. One should consult OpenAI's documentation or updates for the most accurate information on language availability.

  • Can you integrate ChatGPT into a website or mobile app? arrow

    Yes, we can integrate ChatGPT into both websites and mobile apps by applying the ChatGPT API or a ChatGPT plugin.

  • Can you create custom chatbots with ChatGPT? arrow

    Yes, we can. For this, our developers use the ChatGPT API provided by Open AI and add a requested logic to the system.

  • How much does it cost to integrate ChatGPT into your software solution? arrow

    Integrating ChatGPT into your software costs from 2,000 USD. The final investment depends on various factors, including the specific use case, the extent of integration, and the usage volume.


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