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CHI Software took part in the fifth jubilee RAU Expo 2021, the largest assembly of the Ukrainian retail. Our company presented an insurtech product called INRISK, which we created for INSK the assembly’s general partner.

About RAU Expo

The event was organized by Retail Association of Ukraine on June 16-17 in Kyiv. With a moto “Let’s do business not after quarantine”, this expo encouraged Ukrainian retailers to stop waiting for the better future and start acting now.

Traditionally, RAU Expo gathered industry leaders from all over the country, affirming that it is the biggest event of its kind.

The main idea was to share and learn anti-crisis activities that helped the retail business to survive in a turbulent time. For many, it was a period of creative innovations that are worth sharing with the world. Thus, CHI Software used the opportunity to participate and present our unique experience.

INRISK presentation

CHI Software and its achievements were introduced to the crowd by Oleg Chernyak, our Head of Business Development, in collaboration with Yuliia Nosova, CEO at INSK.

Our client’s goal was to provide insurance-as-a-service and hence raise the customer’s loyalty to the retail chain (the NPS index).

The presentation’s key points:

  • Making insurance indemnity payments in just 15 minutes is real;
  • The INRISK platform provides fully digital insurance with no paperwork;
  • Express payments and profit sharing are effective instruments to increase the customer’s loyalty;
  • Retail can benefit from advanced tech innovations, including AI and computer vision. CHI Software presented solutions for cash service optimization, shop visits analytics, temperature screening, and mask wear control.

Creating the INRISK platform was a challenging and inspiring project at the same time. We are glad to be a part of the changes that benefit the Ukrainian retail business and maintain the country’s economy.

Check out the INRISK project detailed description with a tech stack and feel free to ask any questions.

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