In this eBook you will read about


The importance of cost reduction in software development today and discover why cost reduction is paramount in today's competitive landscape.


Explore strategies to optimize expenses without compromising quality, keeping your development process on the cutting edge.


How to balance cost, quality, and speed in software development in practice with no compromises.


Uncover the art of achieving a delicate balance between cost, quality, and speed, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

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Ways to build truly effective teams In-house, and innovative workforce management techniques that save costs while elevating quality.


CHI Software Staffing Lab and Squads experience. Explore our new concept, fostering collaboration and expertise sharing for exceptional outcomes.


Importance of streamlining company’s Recruitment, Staffing, and Delivery Policies combination.


Discover proven strategies to streamline corporate processes, ensuring efficient resource allocation and a cohesive development environment.



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  • Is this Ebook really free? arrow

    Absolutely! We're sharing valuable insights with you at no cost. Keep us in mind next time you have software team questions. We only ask for your email address to keep in touch about our new materials.

  • Can I access it on my mobile? arrow

    Sure. For the comfort of our readers, we made our eBook accessible on all popular devices and screens. If you face any issues, please let us know at

  • Is this eBook for enterprises or for all-sized businesses? arrow

    We've leveraged our experience with an 800+ member team to create this eBook. It delivers substantial value to mid-sized businesses and enterprises while remaining relevant for small companies and startups.

  • What can I expect to learn about team optimization? arrow

    Our eBook covers innovative in-house team building and training techniques, empowering you to elevate the quality of work while optimizing costs in your software development endeavors.

  • How does your Staffing Lab differ from traditional staffing? arrow

    The Staffing Lab initiative underscores the importance of meticulously chosen and well-trained engineers, seamlessly adaptable to projects’ developmental environments. These engineers play a crucial role in cost reduction, without compromising project quality or timeliness.

  • How can I create my own Squad? arrow

    Here are the basic steps: First, find or cultivate experienced, motivated Mentors within your development team. Then, establish effective communication and teamwork between the Recruitment, Management, and Development teams. This collaboration helps identify necessary resources and provide training through real projects that simulate commercial scenarios.

  • Do you have any questions? arrow

    If your query isn't covered in the FAQ section above, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Have any questions?

If your query isn't covered in the FAQ section above, don't hesitate to reach out to us.