In this e-book, you’ll  discover:


How generative AI technologies help our US client create an engaging learning experience, enhance teaching efficiency, and significantly reduce workloads for both educators and Sales.


What CHI Software has to offer as an AI development company. We briefly describe our expert AI team's relevant, practical experience, projects, and potential in AI technology.


How to efficiently and easily generate state-specific lesson objectives with AI, saving teachers’ time and resources while maintaining consistency and alignment with state standards.

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Discover an effective AI-powered tool that empowers educators to generate phonetically correct and age-appropriate stories effortlessly. Learn how this tool streamlines creation, saves time and ensures diverse and engaging content for young readers in the first chapters of an e-book.


Explore the development of an AI tool for automating RFP responses, the HelpMe bot for real-time Salesforce support via Slack, and other efficient tools for the Sales team of the edtech platform, addressing challenges in timely support and enhancing user satisfaction.


Finally, read more on how we developed an AI-based tool to automate assessment creation for various subjects and grade levels. Spoiler alert: by using AI, teachers can now input preferences to generate assessment questions and answers, enhancing the overall learning experience.



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  • Who is the target audience for this e-book? arrow

    This e-book is created for EdTech leaders, enthusiasts, decision-makers, and progressive teachers. So, whether you run a small training course online, manage a large educational establishment, or are part of an edtech tech startup, this copy provides valuable insights tailored to your needs.

  • What insights will I acquire from this e-book? arrow

    You'll discover an expert view on technologies and solutions that are currently changing the educational landscape, strategic recommendations, future-driven innovations in the edtech sector, and five real-world projects from CHI Software's client, a US-based leader in the educational sphere.

  • How can this e-book help my educational organization? arrow

    This e-book provides actionable steps to help you leverage cutting-edge technologies, such as Generative AI, to improve your educational processes and stay ahead of the competition. Implementing some or all the mentioned modules can improve efficiency, reduce time and human resources, and ensure consistency and adherence to the required state standards.

  • Are the examples in this e-book derived from real-world apps? arrow

    Yes. We always share our expertise. This e-book includes recent projects from one of CHI Software’s clients, who has successfully implemented the mentioned 5 POCs. These real-world examples provide practical insights you can apply to your educational organization.

  • How can I get further assistance for my organization? arrow

    For personalized assistance and tailored solutions, please visit Our AI Assistant will provide you with the information you need and connect you with experts to help implement the AI-driven modules outlined in this e-book.


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