Content Writer: Polina Sukhostavets

Today, we are happy to announce that CHI Software has become a member of the Lviv IT Cluster. No matter what’s waiting ahead, the Ukrainian IT community is aiming at growth and progress.

Our Lviv office started its work in February, just before the war. Because of the Russian aggression, it has become not only a workplace but also a secure shelter for our employees from other regions. Without exaggeration, this office is now a cozy place for families and pets to stay in.

As mentioned many times before, we’re doing everything we can to get back to a normal life. For this reason, we continue working, learning, and growing.

“Now is a burdensome period for the Ukrainian IT industry, therefore we should act as one and face economic challenges together. CHI Software is glad to join the Lviv IT Cluster, as Ukraine needs our cohesion and joint efforts to overcome the tough time in our national history. Glory to Ukraine!” – Bogdan Steblyanko, Acting CEO at CHI Software

By partnering with Lviv IT Cluster, we want to contribute to the IT community of the Ukrainian western region by providing lectures and educational events for school and university students. Our employees, in turn, gain an opportunity to join professional communities for HR and sales managers, IT lawyers, and CTOs.

About Lviv IT Cluster

Lviv IT Cluster is a community of IT companies, authorities, and educational organizations that have taken on the responsibility to work on the development of the IT industry and region through education and promotion of the industry and its infrastructure.

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