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We craft software solutions for startups and established businesses that need a technologically innovative partner. By investing in talent, supporting self-development, and cultivating open communication and cooperation, we build strong teams that can solve the most complex tasks. We’re committed to building lasting client partnerships and growing together for the long term. Our work is guided by the principles of transparency, honesty, and on-time delivery. ​​

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Our History

CHI Software has been creating innovative solutions since 2006. ​ We have developed deep expertise and opened up new global markets. During this time, CHI Software

2006 Company establishment. First steps.

It all started way back in 2006 with a small web studio, 10 enthusiasts, and a desire to make something exciting. City Hall Illustrations started small with PHP, HTML, CSS, and Design projects. In two years, we’ve added new areas of expertise, professionals on board, technology stacks and modified a little studio into a CHI Software Development Center.

  • 10 experts
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, and Design
  • Local market
  • 10 projects

2009 Rampant development. Backend era.

Wasted no time, we started to build cloud, web, and full-stack desktop applications on Ruby, Python, Java, .NET, C++ and JavaScript. It was a glorious backend era for CHI Software developers and a rampant development for the company.

The same year, the unique corporate branding style appeared. Contrast theme, company logo & motto came into being:

Design. Code. Cloudify. From idea to the product.

  • 30 experts
  • Add-ons to expertise: Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, C++, JS
  • Local and CIS markets
  • 150 projects

2013 Steady growth. Mobile/Embedded epoch.

This year two new promising departments appeared at CHI Software. We broke new ground with Mobile and Embedded systems expertise and enriched our team with experienced developers. Same year, the first corporate internship program with in-house mentors for students and postgraduates took place. The aim of this initiative was to bring up and educate our future loyal teams.

  • 50+ experts
  • Add-ons to expertise: iOS, Android, C++, C#, Python
  • Local and CIS markets
  • 200 projects

2015 Conquering new markets: Europe, Israel, the USA.

Customer geography was enriched with European, Israel, and American clients. It became possible due to a big team of troubleshooters: QA, HR, PM, BI, BA, Sales, and Account Managers.

The same year the first official CHI Software representatives in mentioned markets started to promote company services and offer software development solutions to our foreign clients face-to-face.

  • 200 experts
  • Add-ons to expertise: Scala, Big Data, Node.js, QA
  • CIS, European, Israel and American markets
  • 300+ projects

2017 Outer space and trending tendencies exploration.

We started to offer Full-Stack engineering and quality DevOps support to our clients on a regular basis. To keep up with the tech world, we went on developing Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning and Computer Vision solutions.

We also explored new places and spaces of our new stylish office. It was comfortably hosted our booming technical and personal infrastructure and met both the clients’ and the staff’s requirements.

  • 350+ experts
  • Add-ons to expertise: DevOps, AI, ML, Computer Vision
  • CIS, European, Israel and American markets
  • 500+ projects

2018 Inspiring customers to succeed.

This year kicked off with several AR and IoT corp projects in a raw, i.e., ARChess, AR Trailer, PresentAR, and Android Things Touchless Navigation project. We’ve networked in old and new directions: Israel, USA, Luxembourg, Norway, and Denmark. Besides, we’ve expensed new locations with offices in Kyiv and Dnipro. With our heads in the Cloud, we were happy to receive the AWS and Microsoft certifications.

  • 450 + experts
  • Add-ons to expertise: AR/VR, Quality Audit, Certified Cloud Solutions
  • Tight partnerships on European, Israeli and American markets
  • 650+ projects

2019 Bringing innovative ideas to life.

This year’s focus has shifted to the creation and development of our products. We have proved our expertise in Machine Learning, Embedded, Cloud Solutions, and IoT development. It is confirmed by releases of 10 projects for different industries. This year we have entered into the Japanese technology market and are proud to own the Microsoft Gold Partnership Certificate!

  • 500 + experts
  • Expertise expansion: Big Data, GameDev, Computer Vision, IoT, Embedded, Machine Learning
  • Established long term relationships with Japanese companies. Ongoing partnerships on American, European, and Israeli markets
  • 700+ projects

2020 New challenges, further unpausing development.

In 2020, we were actively expanding and improving our practices. Among the fastest-growing units are Node.JS, JS, and Java. 

We continue to actively cooperate with Saudi Arabia and Asian countries like Japan and Singapore, in addition to traditional Europe and America. As of the end of 2020, we have completed 15 projects for the Japanese market and collaborated with more than ten clients. 

  • Innovation ​Lab​ — creative hub developing our expertise in AI/ML, CV, IoT, NLP, AR/VR, and Cloud
  • Corporate Sales Department created
  • Successful tender activities and delivery practice implementation
  • Creation of Zaporizhzhia ​branch ​

We have four development centers in Ukraine

Kharkiv (HQ)

Talent pool

25,000 software engineers 

7,000 STEM graduates hired every year 


Talent pool

30,000 software engineers 

9,000 STEM graduates hired every year 


Talent pool

15,000 software engineers 

4,000 STEM graduates hired every year


Talent pool

10,000 software engineers 

1,000 STEM graduates hired every year 

Client Reviews

Olena Myronenko

Director of VF Retail LLC

The Vodafone company successfully works with the mobile phone insurance company "Shid-Zahid", and the main criterion of the project’s success is the use of the INRISK platform, an online insurance portal developed by CHI Software. The concept of the INRISK platform fully coincides with the Vodafone Ukraine strategy to digitize offered services and shift them towards paperless technologies. We can recommend СHI Software as a highly professional solution for insurance business management.

Hisashi Takano
Hisashi Takano

Director at Lecre Inc

Lecre Inc. works in cooperation with CHI Software to create applications based on Computer Vision. The CHI Software dedicated team successfully delivered these products and coped with all the challenges. We are pleased with the cooperation results and ready to continue on with new projects.

Frederic Jacob

IT Applications Management Manager at Labgroup

The mobile application that CHI Software delivered enhanced the company's processes through automatization which satisfied the client's goals. The team exhibited efficient workflow and maintained transparency throughout the engagement. They went above and beyond to deliver work in a timely manner.

Olek Shestakov
Olek Shestakov

President, InsurTech Startup

Well, we met the CHI Software team 2 years ago and started off with a single web application. Since then this company is our reliable software development partner, be it something fast and easy, like a feature update or a profound architecture building. We have own technical team in-house, still, when we are in need of a partner who can urgently perform some extra development or a quality headhunting for us, CHI Software comes in. Always in time.

Joe Moschella
Joe Moschella

Head of Legal at Multi-National Tech Company

I approached CHI Software with the task of creating a plugin for Google Chrome. The team did a great job and made a tool for analyzing content that is entered into the search bar. I have been impressed with CHI Software’s understanding of concepts and the development process as a whole. I want to express my gratitude and look forward to using them again soon!

Michael Tanfilov
Michael Tanfilov

CEO, Democra.C

We have an in-house technical team but we needed a partner who could perform development in fields that we couldn’t cover. CHI Software has designed and developed an iOS and Android app, including its server backend and the site crawler it uses — it’s a big part of our system. They took the solution from an MVP to its final stage. We’ve been very satisfied with the team, they are very good in terms of planning, project management and customer care.

Bulat Rakhimberdiev
Bulat Rakhimberdiev

Solution Manager, Media Markt

Media Markt worked with CHI Software for over 4 years. During this time the CHI team made important contributions to our e-commerce projects and to one of our core propitiatory technology in the area of distributed data synchronization. Alongside outstanding technical skills, these engineers have always been highly reliable in terms of quality and deadlines. Taking into consideration my experience, I would highly recommend working with the CHISW engineering team.

Warren Lorenz
Warren Lorenz

CoFounder, CEO TechMeetsTrader

CHI Software team is the best remote development solution I've found. Our team at TechMeetsTrader worked with the CHISW Node.js team to develop a highly scalable web application for online investors. The experience was great! Every developer spoke proficient English, was highly motivated, and consistently performed on the task at hand. Managers were easily reachable and committed to excellence. I look forward to working with CHI Software team in the near future.

Pavel Golovnenko
Pavel Golovnenko

CEO at Piligrim

Although the development process is ongoing, the travel agency notes that the CHI Software team is attentive and receptive to ideas. The client also commends the team's communication style and availability, as well as their business-oriented approach to the project.

Andrey Fedorenko
Andrey Fedorenko

COO at Soft Industry Alliance

The CHI Software team was able to implement several applications in the app that were in accordance with the requirements of the client. This allowed them to speed up and simplify the interface and make it more comfortable to use. The team's workflow was efficient.

Vladimir Liulka
Vladimir Liulka

Founder & CEO at Blocksport

The work delivered by CHI Software met all expectations and the team demonstrated their skill and expertise well. Though project management could have been improved, they had clear talent in UI design and a wealth of resources for the work.

Shigenori Sato
Shigenori Sato

Founder of Pax Creation Asia

To deliver the project on time, the CHI Software team stepped above the time limits and demonstrated high personal engagement. The technical level of the team and management was beyond our expectations. We will surely continue our cooperation in the future.

Salman Eskandari
Salman Eskandari

Founder at Albert AB

The CHI Software team successfully developed upgraded versions of the company's products with new functionalities and features. Thanks to these contributions the company was able to increase their number of platform users and deepen the level of their engagement.

Peter K. Tran
Peter K. Tran

CEO at PrismTechInc.

We were in search of a talented team to develop a compelling product, and we’re fortunate to have discovered CHI Software. With expert advice and guidance, they surpassed our expectations, transforming our concept into a stunning reality. Not only is their staff knowledgeable in their craft, but their professionalism is second to none. I highly recommend the services that CHI Software has to offer and look forward to future collaborations.

Raz Evenor
Raz Evenor

VP Business Development & Product Management at Owlytics

We became partners with CHI Software as they have a wide range of experience in the healthcare domain. The team worked on a personalized health monitoring system with AI integration. CHI Software implemented our idea into the solution with effective time management and resources.

Sylvain Thiebaut
Sylvain Thiebaut

CTO at BetterTradeOffPteLtd

CHI Software Team was involved in the whole SDLC, included design development, implementation, and maintenance of new and/or existing application systems. We had an excellent experience working with them so far.

Ivan Gammel
Ivan Gammel

CTO at Urban Technology GmbH

CHI Software delivered the full scope of our mobile application backend and new website frontend with high quality. Company was flexible in planning and allocating additional resources. The team started working on the project in the fastest time, was highly reliable and easy to cooperate with. CHI Software is the partner who always reduces time to develop and market for us. We can recommend CHI Software to any startup willing to have a quality product in the shortest time.

David Ortiz
David Ortiz

Founder at NHI Colombia

collaborators are full of well-being. The whole team is doing their best for the good development of projects. Also, I appreciate the general concepts of how CHI Software does business with its customers. It has been very efficient collaboration from the very beginning. I believe we have a good potential to work in the future.

Evgeny Borisov
Evgeny Borisov

Big Data Technical Leader at NAYA Technologies

We required transferring a bank of services from IBM to Amazon for about 10 partially interconnected products. Also, there was a need for databases and outdated products refactoring. CHI Software provided us with a dedicated team for each product.The logic layers were rewritten for Amazon and managed by CHI experts in non-practical databases.The development ran smoothly, and we are more than satisfied with the work done.

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