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The CHI Software team is not standing still. We love our job and give it one hundred percent of us! Every new project is a challenge that we face successfully. The only thing that can stop us is... Wait, it’s nothing! The number of projects is growing, and with them, our team too. And now we need an SAP HCM Consultant.

About the Project:

Executive summary snapshot
To provide a full and comprehensive review of existing vs potential functionality of HR SAP System with a view to supporting ESS/MSS functionality and provide short-term solutions to extract immediate organizational benefits where possible, with intention of providing a longer-term solution in line with HR business requirements.

This review will look at two phases:
• The first will be to extract and implement any short-term benefits for HR team, with a focus on enabling full functionality of the Pensions workpackage (Q1 2023), reviewing the process for annual leave requests and calculations, and assessing the payroll module configuration, making best practice recommendations to provide short term efficiencies on the existing SAP system, including actions picked up from the Payroll audit.
• The second phase will be to architect a longer-term solution to enhance the service, add value and maximize the customers business needs and future development options.

Project description
To scope out HR business requirements to increase functionality, reliability, and interoperability of their existing SAP System and provide short-term benefit where possible to the organization, with a view to architecting a longer-term solution to enhance the service, add value, and maximize their business needs and future development options.

The requirement for this review is due to the existing system being outdated and no longer fit for the purpose for the HR team. Much of the functionality requires manual intervention and results in a costly overhead in terms of time taken to perform the tasks, re-work due to human error, processes that are not streamlined, and systems that are not able to utilize interoperability functionality.

Project scope
There are two elements to this project;
1. To provide HR team with a short-term solution utilizing existing technologies to enable initial benefits realization- and implement any immediate solutions to improve the existing system
2. To architect a longer-term solution to maximize the benefits to the HR team and future-proof the solution to enable utilization of the latest technologies and development opportunities

In-scope items
Item 1 (Priority): Pensions workpackage (required for Q1 2023), data validation against the mapping document, and enabling additional ‘Mandatory’ functionality on the program in QAS
Item 2 (Priority): Review the payroll module configuration, making best practice recommendations to provide short-term efficiencies on the existing SAP system, including actions picked up from the Payroll audit (dependency on this information being provided to us).
Item 3 (Priority): Review the process for annual leave requests and calculations and implement any short-term fixes which can be made to the existing HR SAP system.


• Higher technical education in area of information technologies and/or higher education in industry of economy / of finances
• It is desirable studies on the courses of SAP on one or a few directions of HR
• Participating is in one or a few productive projects of introduction of SAP HCM in a role of consultant or leader of group
• Experience with the system SAP HCM in direction salary (PY)
• Knowledge of the language of ABAP is at the level of debugger; ability to read a programmatic code
• Experience of raising of requirement specifications for development of accounting, to the functional
• Implementation / is a change of the necessary tuning (SPRO)
• Work is from SAP QWERY
• Work with ESS/MSS
• Possessing English is at the level of reading of technical documentation and conduct of business correspondence
• System thinking, ability clearly to set forth a task and describe requirement
• Possessing methodology of description of business processes, development of requirements is to informative.


• Realization of inspections, exposure, and analysis of requirements to the informative system SAP HCM
• Analysis, formalization, and description of business processes of enterprises, that automation are subject
• Stowage of description of business requirements to the informative systems from the point of view of business users after the functional direction, in accordance with the accepted standards, development of project decisions
• Development of requirement specifications is for program development to the functional direction
• Forming of test scenarios, and organization of testing process.
• Implementation of tuning of the systems and introduction of developments
• Control of actuality of requirements and management of requests a stream is for the change of the informative systems
• Development and formalization of suggestions are in relation to perfection of business processes
• Construction of organizational and functional models, models of informative flows of data
• Development of rules and mechanisms of integration is between informative

With us you can:

Develop your technical knowledge:
• Use the latest technologies;
• Participate in technical events and conferences (the cost is covered by the company);
• Regular tech talks and professional development.

Improve your soft skills:
• Build strong teamwork skills and become an essential part of dynamic teams;
• Improve your English in classes and speaking directly with clients;
• Increase your productivity and communication level via Scrum, Kanban, and Agile methodologies.

Our perks

  • calendar
    Covered vacation period: 20 business days and 5 days off
  • English
    Free English classes
  • clock
    Flexible working schedule
  • smile
    Truly friendly and supporting atmosphere
  • home
    Working remotely or in one of our offices
  • user
    Medical insurance for employees from Ukraine
  • money
    Compensation of psychological counseling
  • legal
    Legal support
  • relocation
    Relocation assistance

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