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The CHI Software team is not standing still. We love our job and give it one hundred percent of us! Every new project is a challenge that we face successfully. The only thing that can stop us is… Wait, it’s nothing! The number of projects is growing, and with them, our team too. And now we need a Software Python Engineer.

Project Description

You will be part of the Market Intelligence team and work in close collaboration with other teams within Commercial Operations such as Pricing, Offer, and Volume teams. The preferred timing is starting January/February 2024.

The Car industry is a very mature industry where decades of razor-sharp competition has created an industry of small margins. It is capital intense and even minor changes in external factors can have a significant implication on either of the big blocks of cost or revenue and can dilute the whole profit. Performance steering is how the client monitors, balances, and prioritizes key financial parameters in a way that makes them reach their mid-decade and long-term targets. They are re-establishing and improving their performance steering. They need to utilize both internal and external data to understand their performance in the car industry context. The car industry is an ecosystem of data and the client continuously purchases competitor data from specialized data suppliers. They have now reached a stage where they not only have this data available in supplier portals but also stored in in-house snowflake databases.


  • 10 years of working experience or more within the relevant area;
  • Background in Engineering Physics, Data Science, Applied Mathematics, or equivalent with Python knowledge and skills;
  • Skilled in programming and know how to set up efficient code;
  • More of Software engineering than Data Scientist, but you will work closely with data scientists;
  • If you also have some business, economics, and/or financial knowledge as well it is a bonus and you will have great use of it;
  • A bit more details on programming skills;
  • Python programming skills like Python syntax, data types, control flow, functions, classes, and modules;
  • Understanding Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) like classes, objects, and inheritance is important for building modular and reusable code;
  • Familiarity with Python packages like Pandas, Matplotlib, and NumPy;
  • Familiarity with SQL;
  • Version Control with Git;
  • Understanding concepts like branching, merging, and resolving conflicts is crucial;
  • General problem-solving skills like logical thinking, algorithmic design, and the ability to find efficient solutions;
  • Familiarity with GUI frameworks like Tkinter, PyQt, or PySide and concepts like Event Handling, and Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture is a plus but not mandatory.


The project’s purpose is to develop and verify user interfaces for competitor pricing data. New data is continuously downloaded to the Snowflake database. The data dimensions and structure are set. This project is about making the data easily available and efficiently illustrated for many business users in HQ and their sales companies. Collaboration with business users will be the base to identify and develop interfaces for a range of different user cases: from long-term strategic work and performance steering to operational pricing work and revenue management as well as pricing work in our new car programs.

Your Business implication, connection, and contribution
The main outputs from the project are interfaces coded in Python and easily interpretable illustrations. This position will give you business insights on important commercial mechanisms in the car industry – not the least connected to our commercial transformation. You will build networks that you will have great use of in future roles.

Why CHI Software?

  • AI Excellence Award in 2022;
  • Confirmed status of a Microsoft Partner;
  • Confirmed ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications;
  • Four new offices in 2022 in Kobe (Japan), Florida (USA), Barcelona (Spain), and Krakow (Poland);
  • Participation in significant tech conferences in Tokyo, Kobe (Japan), and London (UK) with the booth and visited more than 15 conferences in 6 countries;
  • The New York Times, BBC, Hackernoon, and other popular media platforms wrote about us.

Our perks

  • calendar
    Covered vacation period: 20 business days and 5 days off
  • English
    Free English classes
  • clock
    Flexible working schedule
  • smile
    Truly friendly and supporting atmosphere
  • home
    Working remotely or in one of our offices
  • user
    Medical insurance for employees from Ukraine
  • money
    Compensation of psychological counseling
  • legal
    Legal support
  • relocation
    Relocation assistance

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