The CHI Software team is excited to announce CHI Talks, a series of webinars dedicated to all sides of digital marketing in the IT industry. This is our very special endeavor for 2023, and we hope to help you discover new insights and perspectives with each episode.

Our first webinar “How to Take Your Product to Market in 2023: Digital Marketing Introduction” is taking place on February 8. 

It’s no secret that businesses and customers have been going through harsh times in the past few years, and entering the market now may seem rather stressful for entrepreneurs. So how to make things right? David Bailey and Matthew Rees, experts from the digital marketing studio Cab Engine, will answer this and many other questions at our first talk.

How to take you product to market in 2023: Webinar

In this introduction to digital marketing, David and Matthew will discuss the 4 steps of the customer lifecycle. We will dive into the topics of locating your ideal client personas, inspiring them to want your product, focusing them toward your goals, and engaging them as lost or new clients. 

Matthew Rees is the Head of Digital, with over 10+ years of commercial experience, having obtained a Ba (Hons) in Media & Communication Studies. He is Google/Hubspot Certified and has worked on clients spanning many sectors, including but not limited to EdX, the University of Birmingham, Jaguar Land Rover, Fitness First, Disney, Kohler, and more.

David Bailey is the Commercial Director for Cab Engine and has over 13 years of experience in commercial roles. David has formed strong marketing partnerships for brands all over the world, including the Co-op, Worcester Bosch, Atkins Global, RHS, Grenade Nutrition, M&S, NHS, Klearnow, and more.

Our webinar is a live event for you to get answers to your questions throughout the meeting. Join us for free on LinkedIn on February 8 at 4 pm GMT. Register via the link.

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