On March 8, 2023, the CHI Software team held another webinar as part of the CHI Talks project. The webinar’s subject was “Interactive Video: The Future and Now” where we discussed the role and benefits of interactive videos for businesses from various industries.

Interactive video is a type of media that requires some actions from a viewer instead of just watching. To make a video engaging, creators use:

  • hotspots (clickable areas), 
  • time triggers (content appearing at a certain moment),
  • overlays (additional clickable content appearing above the main content),
  • branching (for users to build up their journey from one screen to another by clicking on different hotspots).
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But these are only interactive video fundamentals. During the webinar, we also discussed:

  • Specific use cases for various industries,
  • Target audiences of interactive videos,
  • Benefits of interactive videos and their comparison with linear video content,
  • How the pandemic impacted the interactive video niche,
  • How a business and interactive video producers should collaborate to make the final video successful,
  • What the future holds for interactive video.

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We prepared a video recording so you could visit our webinar yourself:

The guest of our webinar was John Paul Tointon, interactive video pioneer and CEO of Cloud Moves TV with 10 years of experience in commercial video production. 

We are grateful to John Paul and our guests for their support and interest in our webinar series. The event turned out to be highly interactive, with a lot of questions, comments, and opinions. 

CHI Talks is a series of free webinars for the international audience interested in digital marketing and the IT industry. Our goal is to highlight the role of marketing and MarTech in software success.

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