Under the Hood AI Technologies in Geosocial Networking Apps

Under the Hood: AI Technologies in Geosocial Networking Apps

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Social media apps are huge today, with about 5 billion people using them globally. These platforms are great for connecting audiences worldwide, but can they help users discover nearby communities? It is where location-based social networking apps come into play. 

Geosocial networking services shift the focus from global to local and suggest people content, places, and events of interest based on their location. 

These apps are rather complex solutions, and their development is exciting yet technically challenging. Our AI/ML team is proud to share their real-life insights and explain how AI technologies can contribute to geosocial networking and community building. Let us get straight to the point!

Building an AI-Driven Geosocial Networking Platform: Real-World Experience

Our client approached us with an idea to develop an advanced geosocial networking app tailored to the local market in Asia. Their vision was to:

  • innovate the typical social media interaction by offering way more than usual posting and commenting; 
  • establish a unique personal recommendation system for events and places;
  • add language and voice recognition features for a better user experience.

As you can see, this unique app covers several AI technologies at once, requiring a lot of expertise and attention from software developers. So, what should you do when you have something innovative in mind? In fact, finding a skillful team is half the battle. See for yourself.

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The Solution

Our engineers were in charge of the project from the outset, starting with the discovery phase and proof of concept. The primary task was building a functional prototype of a personal recommendation system based on location to pitch the app’s idea to the investors. After that, we added other features and provided the solution support.

AI-driven geosocial networking platform: app features

Here is a full list of functions we provided at this point:

  • Calendar-centered app logic: The app is structured around a calendar with local events that align with a user’s location and range of interests;
  • Recommendation system: Our ML team has developed a knowledge graph for the social network to handle all user data. This specialized database fuels personalized recommendations, enhancing user experience;
  • Bilingual support: The system recognizes both English and Vietnamese, as well as translates between them for easy street navigation;
  • In-app chat: Platform users can message each other, post photos and videos, and comment on other people’s posts;
  • Topic channels: Recommendations provided to a user are categorized into various topics like food, nightlife, and shopping;
  • Virtual assistant: The app includes a GPT-powered assistant able to recognize the user’s speech and voice and translate it to text. Such an assistant offers suggestions for places or events nearby, helping users plan their days on the move.
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Technology Stack

The geosocial networking project is both interesting and technically demanding, which is precisely what makes it so appealing. Our team explored many models and technologies to address various challenges. For example, the significant problem at the start was the lack of real-life data. 

Developing a knowledge graph for this app became another notable project challenge. It proved to be incredibly complex, encompassing a range of smaller interconnected tasks.

Technologies used in AI-driven geosocial networking platforms

Are you excited about this project as much as we are? Feel free to read more about the solution in our case study.

Prospects Are Boundless: 7 More AI-Driven Technologies for Geosocial Networking Platforms

Now you know how AI technologies like personal recommendation systems, voice & speech recognition, and GPT-powered chatbots can enrich geosocial networking apps. But artificial intelligence tech spreads way further than that. 

It can boost user engagement with augmented reality, predictive analysis, and image recognition features. And when it comes to staying safe, smart algorithms have users’ backs by keeping personal info secure.

AI tools in location-based social networking apps

Geolocation Algorithms

AI-powered geolocation technologies in social networking apps offer precise services tailored to a specific location. They accurately pinpoint where users are and recommend nearby events and places of interest.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP enables an app to understand and respond to everyday language via text messages, making searches and interactions feel like chatting with friends. In voice assistants, the technology can work hand in hand with speech recognition, which converts speech to text. NLP translates languages for global users, powers handy chatbots, ‘reads’ emotions in reviews, and enables voice commands. 

Predictive Analytics

This technology foresees future geosocial trends and offers relevant content after analyzing users’ historical data like location check-ins, interests, and social interactions. For example, if a person frequently visits art galleries, an app infused with predictive analytics might suggest upcoming art events nearby. It can also forecast peak times at popular locations to help people plan their visits. 

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Augmented Reality (AR)

AR utilizes computer vision to overlay digital elements in the real world. Incorporating them into the app gives users more interaction options. Geosocial AR games like Pokémon GO enhance the gameplay by blending virtual elements with real-world locations. 

Image and Video Analysis

Apps incorporating photo sharing can use facial recognition and image analysis to tag friends, moderate content, and create interactive experiences. For example, Facebook employs facial recognition for easy photo tagging, while Snapchat leverages it for augmented reality features.

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Real-Time Data Processing

Real-time data processing is crucial for delivering instant services and interactions. With its help, geosocial apps offer users up-to-the-moment information and experiences. In navigation apps like Waze or Google Maps, real-time data processing provides current traffic conditions, accident alerts, and route changes based on live traffic data.

AI for Data Privacy and Security

Smart algorithms also support user privacy in geosocial networking. AI systems can swiftly identify and counteract privacy threats, protecting user location data and personal information. Machine learning, for instance, can be employed to detect anomalies in data access, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of user information.

Final Words

Social media has become integral to our lives, and imagining a world without them is hardly possible. While some argue that socials disconnect us from the real world, location-based social networking apps actually do the opposite. They are like digital treasure maps guiding us to local gems and new friendships right in our own neighborhoods.

Now you know that crafting a first-class geosocial networking app is not that easy. It demands a suite of sophisticated technologies to deliver a standout user experience. Yes, reconnecting people with their surroundings is complex, but we know how to do it. 

If you want to create your own geosocial platform, you are in the right spot. Our AI/ML team has the expertise to help you craft an engaging and enjoyable experience for your users. Just drop us a line – that is all it takes to set off on the path to something amazing.


  • What is a geosocial networking app? arrow

    A geosocial networking app is a type of social application that uses geographic services to enable social interactions. These apps incorporate smart geosocial algorithms for user connections, allowing people to meet, interact, and share content based on their physical location.

  • What are examples of geosocial apps? arrow

    Examples of geosocial apps include Foursquare for location-based recommendations, Nextdoor for connecting people in a neighborhood, and Bumble for dating and finding new friends with real-time location tracking.

  • What AI technologies does geosocial networking employ? arrow

    Geosocial platforms employ natural language processing, intelligent chatbots, complex personal recommendation systems, and real-time data processing for live updates. Also, geolocation algorithms offer precise location services, while AR features provide an interactive in-app experience.

  • How do geosocial networking apps support user privacy? arrow

    Geosocial networking apps use smart AI algorithms to detect and prevent privacy risks, keeping location data and personal details secure.

  • What are the benefits of AI in geosocial networking? arrow

    AI in geosocial networking brings several advantages, such as tailored user experiences and smarter social connections. Moreover, artificial intelligence enables real-time location tracking in geosocial apps, ensuring that a user gets the information right when and where it is needed.

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