CHI Software at IoT Tech Expo 2022

CHI Software at IoT Tech Expo 2022

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The CHI Software team participated in IoT Tech Expo Global 2022, one of the largest industry exhibitions. The event took place in Olympia, London, on December 1-2.

This year, IoT Tech Expo comprises six co-located events dedicated to 5G & IoT, Cloud & Cyber Security, Blockchain, AI & Big Data, digital transformation, and edge computing. There are also seven conferences dedicated to the IoT industry and over 100 senior speakers presenting their ideas and case studies.

In addition to cutting-edge content, the IoT Tech Expo enabled key networking opportunities from virtual meetings to on-site lounges and official networking.

More details about the event, industries, and attendees

Over 5,000 attendees, including CTOs, Heads of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Telecom Providers, Developers, Government, Operators, Technology Providers, Investors, VCs, and others, attended this event.

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More than 150 exhibitors and nearly 100 speakers representing giants such as Huawei, Lloyds Banking Group, Arup, and Vodafone attended the event, sharing their knowledge and showcasing their most recent development concerning the Internet of Things.

We explored the latest challenges, opportunities, and innovations within the Internet of Things and covered its impact across different industry sectors.

The key topics in focus:

  • Digital Transformation 
  • Data Analytics 
  • IIoT and Smart Manufacturing 
  • Connected Environments
  • Developing for the IoT 
  • Process Optimisation 
  • Sensor Deployment 
  • Connectivity Considerations 
  • 5G and Future Connectivity 
  • Security & Standards 
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Autonomous Transportation 
  • Device and Asset Management 
  • Connected Fleets and Smart Logistics
  • R&D 
  • Smart Energy and Enterprise Sustainability
  • Industry Collaborations, and more.

CHI Software representatives

CHI Software was among the event’s speakers and a Bronze event sponsor this year. Our team arranged a booth to welcome conference attendees, network, and share thoughts about perspectives of IoT for business.

CHI Software in London

Among our representatives were:   

  1. Yevgen Chernyak, President at CHI Software
  2. Ivan Kuzlo, Director of Engineering
  3. Kateryna Bugakova, Chief Sales Officer 
  4. Hanna Pronina, Business Development Manager
  5. Kateryna Melnyk, Business Development Manager
  6. Nataliya Chernyak, Relationship Manager
  7. Anna Savchenko, International PR Specialist
  8. Sofiia Golobrodska, SMM Specialist

Ivan Kuzlo’s speech at IoT Tech Expo

Ivan Kuzlo speech

Ivan Kuzlo, Director of Engineering at CHI Software, was among the event’s speakers and gathered up to 40 technology enthusiasts during his speech “A Prebuilt IoT Platform as a Quick Start to Your Business.” The visitors learned about the practical experience of integrating IoT solutions in their businesses. 

“Participation in IoT Tech Expo was a great opportunity for me to broaden my network and discuss cutting-edge ideas with like-minded people and be on the same page with IoT trends,” – Ivan Kuzlo, Director of Engineering at CHI Software.

Ukrainian Giveaway 

On December 1, our PR team held a special Ukrainian Giveaway to remind the tech community that Ukraine stands strong. 

There were many volunteers to participate in the quiz and win a unique bag, “Be Brave Like Ukraine.” The Giveaway was a success, even with a limited number of unique gifts.

Ukraine’s investment opportunities

CHI Software team

The speech of Oleksander Gryban, Deputy Minister of the Economy of Ukraine, finalized the first day of the IoT Tech Expo. He talked about Ukraine’s investment opportunities and economic recovery during and after the war. He also highlighted the advantages of investing in Ukrainian startups and innovation companies. 

“We can single out four main reasons to invest in Ukraine:

– Our country has an enormous talent pool and has demonstrated its ability to withstand crises. 

– Ukraine is a cost-effective place to start a tech company.

– The startup sector is critical in creating a new layer of technology companies in Ukraine and advancing the global technology sector.

Despite everything, the Ukrainian IT sector continues to thrive” – Oleksander Gryban, Deputy Minister of the Economy of Ukraine.

Deputy Minister of the Economy of Ukraine

Final words

London Tech Expo Global 2022 was a great success. This leading Internet of Things event series explored all the latest IoT innovations and solutions for business. 

It was CHI Software’s debut as an exhibitor and speaker at such a significant tech event. We’re grateful to all our partners and clients who have stepped up to participate in this leading international conference.

CHI Software's debut as an exhibitor

We want to express gratitude to our partner Alex Ho-Terry, Founder at PolarisNet Solutions & BuzzATutor.Com, for the opportunity to exhibit and share ideas and insights about the IoT and its beneficial effects on business. Also, we would like to thank Gareth Reese, Chief technology officer at Foresight Mobile, who helped and supported us as a technical and personal reference.

The CHI Software team is looking forward to new exciting tech events.

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