AI Summit London 2022: Exploring the Impact of AI Transformation on Our Lives and Business Operations

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On June 15-16, the annual AI Summit took place in London. A great number of delegates gathered to discuss Artificial Intelligence and opportunities it brings to business. This AI-focused event was a part of London Tech Week 2022, one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe. Specializing in AI innovations, CHI Software representatives couldn’t miss an opportunity to participate in the conference.

AI Summit 2022 in London

The two days at the AI Summit were full of sessions on the following topics:

  • scaling AI projects and digital leadership, 
  • AI architecture and landscape, 
  • opportunities for applying AI solutions in close cooperation with authority, enterprises, and education, 
  • responsible AI culture for companies and others. 

Best Tech Speech

One of the most insightful tech talks “Federated Learning: Redefining AI at Scale” was presented by Walter Riviera, Tech Lead at Intel. He told the audience about federated learning and how applying algorithms to the data helps to solve the problem of data silos.

Speech at AI Summit 2022 in London

A common issue in the AI industry is access to data. It seems impossible to transfer information to algorithms due to its regulatory limits, security, and confidentiality. The replicas of this model are being spread across the nodes. They are trained separately with a huge variety of date ranges and then gathered in a central concentrator, not damaging data as well as the algorithms. 

This revolutionary technology is very complicated and Intel has faced different challenges while developing. Walter Riviera showed us an open framework for federated learning. It’s highly likely that in the immediate future, this solution will become a benchmark method widely used for such industries as healthcare, IoT, smart house, etc. 

Traditionally, this event was divided into several sections. 

AI Hackathon

We had a chance to observe the work of the leading developers and data scientists from across the globe who took part in Hackathon. All of them demonstrated quick thinking and the most innovative decisions and ideas. 

Most teams offered AI solutions for a wide variety of fields, such as healthcare, transportation, education, sustainability, and manufacturing. 

Pitch Competition

The agenda of the AI Summit also included a pitch competition, where 30 startups competed in the exciting technology battle. 

The first place was taken by a healthcare AI startup Panakeia. Its main offering is to create a digital duplicate of cancer cells. Depending on the chosen medical therapy, the organism and its individual biomarker profiles can differently react to it. Hence, Panakeia builds up a digital copy of human tissue that helps to foresee the best treatment for a patient.

Doctors can unlimitedly test a digital twin to identify the reaction of an individual`s biomarker. Thus, it helps to save time and money and monitor the improvements of the chosen medicine. These factors are crucial for fighting cancer. A breast cancer system has already been clinically accepted and other approaches are currently under development. 

Networking Party

Networking at AI Summit 2022 in London

At the networking party, summit members made new acquaintances and expanded business connections. It was a great chance to meet C-level representatives of world-renowned companies, discuss new AI approaches, or find venture investment.   

Bottom Line 

The closing remark at the AI Summit was given to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He appeared in a hologram form and urged the tech community to help restore the ravaged economy of Ukraine: “Ukraine is a chance for a global digital revolution, a chance for every technology company, and a chance for every visionary to show their value, skills, technologies, and ambitions.”

The AI Summit encourages innovators to investigate the AI input and explore its effect on different businesses and industries. The summit also highlighted the important role of AI in the development of the tech communities and national economies worldwide.

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