The Rising Stars at London Tech Week 2022

The Rising Stars at London Tech Week 2022

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On June 13-17, London was loud because of London Tech Week, the biggest tech event in Europe. The conference gathered over 20,000 global leaders, inspiring startup founders, investors, and rising stars to share their thoughts on how technology can benefit societies. CHI Software representatives were also a part of this promising initiative.

London Tech Week 2022

Five days were rich for vigorous discussions about direct investment, tech policy, net zero, lifelong learning, leveling up, quantum computing, ethical aspects of AI solutions, the UK Innovation Strategy, and healthtech. 

So it’s not surprising that a great number of tech startups introduced innovative ideas in the fields of Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, and Media & Entertainment. Most of their products involve Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and IoT technologies. We have selected the most pioneering projects introduced at the event to tell you more about them.


Sherloc by Elementary b

Sherloc is a financial risk management platform designed to address the issues of various economic events that could impact your business strategy. It helps companies use the whole spectrum of corporate data for quality planning. To deliver relevant results, the platform uses cloud computing, AI, and ML capabilities.

Sherloc sends notifications to users when events or activities create potential risks for your business. Moreover, if a case occurs, the platform can help you connect with other tools, providers, and advisors for real-time impact assessment.


Weather Trade Net

Not only our environment is affected by climate change. A lot of business operations, including strategic decision making, are going through drastic transformations. A growing number of investors are concerned about the price of financial assets and the allocation of investment portfolios.

Weather Trade Net is a ClimateTech & FinTech startup aimed to bridge the gap between the rapidly-modified climate policy, corporate finance, and climate data science.

The startup’s main service is Physical Risk Scoring. With its help, different businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations can receive a retrospective and forecasting analysis for 10, 20, and 30 years. Applying a number of standardized methods, data, and tools for the investigation, clients get an understanding of climate risk metrics and asset valuation across the globe and over different periods of time. 

Risk score data is the best starting point to investigate causalities between physical climate risks, climate-induced losses, and creditworthiness.



NexRetail offers AI-based software for analyzing customer shopping behavior at the storefront. With the help of image recognition technology, the company detects the shopper’s age, gender, and behavior patterns in real time. This is how it works:

  1. Multiple AI cameras in shops collect customer data.
  2. The obtained data forms customer profiles: basic information, shopping behavior, and customer/sales interactions.
  3. Collected profiles allow retailers to build well-targeted sales & marketing strategies based on a clear understanding of customer demands.


A fresh approach to delivery services is offered by Starship. The company provides robotic autonomous vehicles that move goods over short distances. Using a mobile app, customers can request direct delivery of parcels and food from stores. 

The mobile app enables users to track the robot’s journey and location. Only the app allows the recipient to open the cargo bay, mechanically locked throughout the journey.

The Starship company also emphasizes that the service of an electronically powered robot is safe for the environment.

Media & Entertainment

Purified News

It is a new way to receive verified news: integrating the features of social media with serious news apps, Purified News is a fun and vibrant way to stay up-to-date.

Users pick whom to follow and the amount of data they want to receive – that’s it. The facts from the app are verified by the community and infused with AI.

P.S.: Here’s a remark from the CHI Software SMM manager: “We even tried out this new social platform as a news reporter. My personal opinion – the app is brilliant!” 



MiRo-E is the cutest advanced AI robot in the form of a rabbit/dog. It’s a helping educational tool for children studying coding and robotics with powerful hardware and a specialized programming interface. MiRo-E’s petlike appearance and qualities make it stand out from the rest and appeal to everyone.

For the complete experience, users may also turn to MiRoCLOUD. In this tool, pupils will learn how to write programs that bring the robot to life. As a result, students are able to learn quickly, enjoy STEM subjects, and produce physical results that are related and relevant to their future.


ible Airvida 

According to the company’s test results, the Airvida IoT air purifier protects against 99.7% of Coronavirus and 99.9% of other viruses. 

Airvida at London Tech Week 2022

The device produces 2 million negative ions every 0.6 seconds across the user’s facial area to remove pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, pollen, formaldehyde, secondhand smoke, and pet dander in the air. When negative ions attach to particles within close proximity, they become larger and heavier and eventually fall.

Not only does Airvida help your health, but it also looks like a wardrobe accessory to wear for any occasion.


An intelligent platform called iLoF allows for precise and patient-focused medication development. This photonics- and AI-powered cloud-based library of optical fingerprints offers non-invasive tracking, screening, and stratification for drug discovery, tailored to the requirements of each clinical trial.

The technology recognizes biological nanostructures in liquid dispersions (such as plasma), providing precise tailored medical applications. 

The iLoF research is now mostly focused on Alzheimer’s. However, the company is expanding its virtual fingerprint database and applying technology to other diseases as well.


The world is coming out of the quarantine restrictions caused by COVID-19, and people are getting back to a more habitual way of living. Hence, it is not surprising that topics brought up at London Tech Week 2022 included healthcare, media, and sustainability. 

Emerging startups are influenced by the common trends: innovative air purifiers, eco-friendly delivery robots, or environmental risk scoring platforms. These one-of-a-kind solutions are just the tip of the iceberg. 

London Tech Week 2022

Our lives are transforming right now, and technologies should keep up with the change. Only our creative thinking and joint efforts will bring us to a better future.

Let’s carefully learn our lessons and use the knowledge for the common good.

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