Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Events Worth Visiting in 2022

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Events Worth Visiting in 2022

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The first AI research started in 1956 when scientists got access to digital computers. Look where we are half a century later. Big data, robots, machine learning, and NLP are a part of the daily business routine, let alone academic research.

The community of AI experts and enthusiasts is now broader than ever, so the need for knowledge exchange is natural even during the pandemic crisis. 

Below, you’ll find twenty options to explore the AI sphere through the minds of leading scientists and engineers. These conferences take place on different dates in various parts of the world – pick what suits you best.

The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit

Dates: March 1-2

Location: Edinburgh, the UK and online

This event includes a conference and exhibition on all aspects of conversational technologies: chatbots, virtual and voice assistants, and conversational design. The summit will cover the latest trends of the rapidly changing conversational AI sphere specifically on the European market.

Key event topics: bots in client support, NLP, chatbot development cycle, conversational technologies for business automation, etc. 

Global Artificial Intelligence Online Conference

Dates: March 17-19

Location: online

This conference is the biggest online event dedicated to artificial intelligence, as it will touch all industries where AI solutions can be implemented: finance, retail, healthcare, education, insurance, agriculture, and many others.

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Other conference topics will cover cognitive computing, chatbots, data science, machine learning, NLP, IoT, computer vision, robotics, and many others.

The event gathers more than 40 speakers and 3000 attendees who share and learn practical tips and experiences during Q&A, workshops, and panel sessions.

NVIDIA GTC (Global Technology Conference)

Dates: March 21-24

Location: San Jose, CA, USA

NVIDIA is a well-known AI technology company that mainly produces graphics cards and graphics processing units (GPUs). GTC is one of its initiatives to connect AI industry leaders, engineers, and enthusiasts.

First organized in 2009, the conference had a goal to explore the potential use of GPUs for solving computing issues. With time, this focus has shifted and expanded on the whole AI industry.

This year,  613 educational sessions for beginner and intermediate technical levels have been announced, highlighting such industries as supercomputing, media & entertainment, education, consumer Internet, construction, and others.

ML Conf

Date and locations: 

March 31 – New York City, NY, USA

Fall – San Francisco

It’s a one-day event dedicated to the machine learning niche. It gathers both technical and non-technical specialists to discuss what modern data issues can be solved using the latest ML trends. 

You can learn how experts from the leading global companies (Google, Amazon, WalmartLabs, PayPal Risk Sciences, Nike, IBM, etc.) handle daily challenges. The list of covered topics includes AI/ML Ops, NLP, deep learning, embeddings, pandemic data & ML, genetics & ML, and many others.

WAICF (World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival)

Dates: April 14-16

Location: Cannes, France and online

It is a complex AI-centered event hosting more than 100 speakers, focusing on five core conference tracks: AI for society, AI today & tomorrow, AI strategy, AI technology, and AI applications.

The hybrid exhibition (for online attendees) will consist of over 120 workshops from prominent AI market players presenting their latest innovations. In the startup zone, one will get acquainted with 60 AI startup pitches. 

The exhibition floor will contain five zones for the most popular AI niches: sport, well-being & beauty, human resources, environment (agriculture, energy, mobility, etc.), and art.

ODSC (Open Data Science Conference)

Dates and locations: 

April 19-21 – Boston, MA, USA

June 15-16 – London, the UK

September 8-9 – online

November 1-3 – San Francisco, CA, USA

This conference is focused on the data science aspect, gathering the global AI community four times in different locations throughout the year.

This year, the conference gathers experts from Google, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, John Hopkins University, Harvard University, and other organizations. 

World Summit AI

Dates and locations: 

May 4-5 – Montreal, Canada and online

October 12-13 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The conference in May is more focused on the American audience, while the event in Amsterdam is considered to be for a global community.

The program includes workshops, plenary and masterclass sessions, curated meetings, and table talks dedicated to all aspects of artificial intelligence. The event in Amsterdam will have ten tracks with 200+ speakers. 

Each track, in turn, has a specific topic concerning the T-30 summit, startups and unicorns, practical meetups (workshops and table talks), etc.

AI & Big Data Expo

Dates and locations:

May 11-12 – Santa Clara, CA, USA

September 20-21 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

December 1-2 – London, the UK

AI & Big Data Expo is a part of a complex event including four more expos: IoT Tech, Blockchain, 5G, and Cyber Security & Cloud Expos. 

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This year, organizers expect at least 950 exhibitors, 1500 speakers, and 26,000 attendees who strive to learn more about tech improvements for their business.

AI & Big Data Expo

Speakers for this event are experts from Volkswagen Group, Facebook, Netflix, PayPal, SAS, and others. They will share their expertise and opinions on AI in the enterprise & consumer, development, and digital transformation sectors.

Machine Learning Prague

Dates: May 27-29

Location: Prague, the Czech Republic and online

This conference is focused on both business and academic applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its core goal is setting up a dialogue between ML practitioners and those who are interested in the AI field and the benefits it can bring.

This year, the event welcomes 45 speakers and over 500 attendees. The first day is fully dedicated to workshops, the next two are given to lectures and networking.

The AI Summit

Dates: June 15-16

Location: London, the UK

The AI Summit was first organized by AI Business in 2015 to learn more about the practical implementation of artificial intelligence. At that time, most of the AI summits were focused on academic research, so the new perspective brought together a massive part of the business world.

This is an imposing event with 200+ experts, 100+ solution providers, and 13 stages. The core goal is to explore the AI role in a business of any size and make digital transformation clearer for engineers and entrepreneurs.

BDA (Big Data Analytics)

Date: June 16

Location: London, the UK

As the name suggests, this summit covers mostly big data topics, such as the successful application of data analytics technologies, data visualization, ML pipeline building, data storage options, setting up customer analytics, etc.

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BDA consists of two sessions. The first one covers the data-driven approach to business and relations with customers. The second is about facing the biggest business challenges with data analytics. 

With 500+ attendees and 20+ experts, this is the biggest event of this sort in the UK.

CVPR (Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)

Dates: 19-24 June

Location: New Orleans, LA, USA (online and hybrid options are being considered)

CVPR, first held in 1983, is now regarded as one of the most prominent events on computer vision and pattern recognition (along with ECCV and ICCV) for both students and seasoned technicians.

The conference has a complex structure and covers a wide range of topics, such as object recognition, motion estimation, deep learning, and others. The event consists of three parts: workshops, main conference, and expo.

Machine Learning Week

Dates: June 19-23

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Machine Learning Week contains six co-located events focusing on specific industries: PAW (Predictive Analytics World) Business, PAW Financial, PAW Healthcare, PAW Industry 4.0, PAW Climate, and Deep Learning World. 

PAW Business

The series of conferences celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. In 2022, the event will involve seven tracks, eight workshops, and over 150 sessions from 160 speakers from NVIDIA, Cisco, WhatsApp, Microsoft, and others.

Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada

Dates: June 22-23

Location: Toronto, Canada and online

This is the largest AI-centered conference in Canada, which gathers engineering talents and industry leaders. 

The key event topics are digital transformation in business, advanced data security methods, insights and case studies from data executives, and skills upgrade for non-technical employees during digital innovations.

The summit will focus more on in-person activities, implying interactive sessions with experts and networking opportunities for attendees. Also, there will be virtual networking starting one week before the event and a virtual exhibitor hall for online participants.

ML Conference

Dates: June 27-29

Location: Munich, Germany and online

The event’s program includes four tracks with the core conference topics: using ML in business & strategy, ML principles, advanced ML development, and tools, APIs & frameworks.

The ML Conference attendees will have an opportunity to join workshops, keynotes, and sessions with 25+ experts from business and science. Organizers will provide online streaming of all tracks and networking tools to online visitors.


Dates: August 8-11

Location: Vancouver, Canada and online

This is a combination of conference and exhibition activities focused on production & animation, arts & design, gaming & interactive, education, and the latest technologies in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

SIGGRAPH exhibition in 2016

The event is organized by ACM SIGGRAPH in Northern America and dates back to 1974. Since 2008, the annual SIGGRAPH conference has also been held in Asia.

ICPR (International Conference on Pattern Recognition)

Dates: August 21-25

Location: Montreal, Canada and online

This conference is organized by IAPR (the International Association of Pattern Recognition). Here, experts from the niches of image, sound, speech, and pattern recognition as well as computer vision and machine intelligence could unite to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

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The event’s structure involves the main conference, tutorials, and workshops with the following program highlights:

  • AI & ML for pattern analysis; 
  • computer vision, robotics, and intelligent systems; 
  • image, speech, and signal analysis; 
  • biometrics, human analysis & behavior understanding; 
  • document and media analysis; 
  • biometrical image analysts & informatics. 


Dates: September 1-2

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands and online

This conference aims at gathering scientists and practitioners from more than 50 countries in the fields of intelligent systems and artificial intelligence. The event’s goal is to discuss the AI impact on day-to-day operations and exchange research and development results.

IntelliSys is divided into four tracks dedicated to artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and ambient intelligence. The program includes expert talks, lectures provided by scientists, presentations, and collaborative sessions.

IEEE ICIP (International Conference in Image Processing)

Dates: October 16-19

Location: Bordeaux, France

This is the 29th ICIP conference, which is considered to be the largest in the area of image & video processing and computer vision. 

Attendees will have a chance to participate in tutorials and special & industry sessions, visit the forum’s exhibition, and reach out to the leading experts and researchers.

ECCV (European Conference on Computer Vision)

Dates: 24-28 October

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel (online and hybrid options are being considered)

ECCV was first organized in 2010 and now takes place every two years, alternating with ICCV. Like other leading computer vision conferences (ICCV and CVPR), this one comprises the main technical program (up to three days) with tutorials and workshops in the first and last days.


The AI sphere continues to grow and penetrate numerous industries, including finance, healthcare, education, agriculture, and so on. 

The list of conferences above is only the tip of the far bigger iceberg. Business and academic communities have built strong partnerships to reshape and optimize traditional operations. 

Luckily, the pandemic hasn’t stopped the knowledge from sharing. In 2022, a lot of events will be held both physically and virtually to face anti-Covid measures and challenges. It breaks barriers between countries and continents, allowing the AI world to expand and globalize.

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