Categories: Mobile, Embedded
Industry: Insurtech

Connected Cars X


To create an easy and comfortable solution for both insurance agents and drivers. It should help agents to set the smart coverage for aggressive drivers and help regular drivers to save on auto insurance.


The solution consists of a Secure Telematics Hardware with OBD interface, Secure Connected Cars X Platform, and a Mobile application.
The main features are to:

  • Receive data from the specified devices of the car, save and transmit them to the server;
  • Calculate the acceleration, harsh braking, average speed in general and when entering the turn;
  • Derive the average driving performance by hours, days, months, with the ability to view details;
  • Identify segments of the way where driving did not meet the specified safety criteria;
  • Analyze the driving performance of the driver on the basis of which the discount will be calculated, and output the results in a specified format.


C++, Ruby, iOS, PostgreSQL.

Mobile app screen of the Connected Cars solution for insurtech