Dedicated team

Select a team that works on your project solely.

You control the team, the process, and expenses.

What do you control?

Selected team

You manage the team as if it’s your own in-house employees.

Development process

You are in charge of the process and communication with flexible interaction.

Agreed expenses

You are aware of all billing conditions based on regular reports.

When does it
really work?

  • Startups
  • Companies of all sizes

- with a lack of resources

- with a lack of expertise

- with a shortage of time

What can you count on?

Efficiency and

Up to 20 experts from the
company’s pool of 300+ experts.

Overall operating

We don’t add any hidden extras
to the work process.

monthly fee

Fully predictable costs and
budget control as a result.


No hiring mess or stress.
We do the headhunting.

How it works for your business?

Gain a valuable result

The dedicated team model puts forward the ability to involve strong experts with established teamwork in your project.

Expect the diligence to work

The team works for you on a full-time basis. Your project is in priority. No external tasks distraction is guaranteed.

Provide agile adjustments

You get full control over management decisions: be it changes to requirements, billing, developers or technology stack.

How it happens:


Share your need in short:

  • the number of developer
  • required tech skills
  • project terms and conditions

Receive a detailed reply from an assigned account manager.

The processing of your request
will take 1 business day.


Stay tuned for the team search process:

  • get required CVs
  • setup interviews with the proven candidates

(All proven candidates pass our own
3 interview rounds prior to being selected)

Complete the review process and pick your team members.

The full stage might take
from 1 to 5 weeks.


Put the team to work:

  • manage the project, development process and terms directly
  • choose a project manager to be your dedicated single point of contact

Run your project smoothly as long as it takes.

Leave all the paperwork and
risk management on us.

Select your team

Successfully applied!

Long writing?

Talk to a human.


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By all means.