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CHI Software aims to tackle business problems by using AI and ML technologies. We will not let your data go to waste.
No fuss, only real-world use-cases.

Future is now, but machines did not rise against mankind. Instead, they help humans to optimize their work and achieve new goals. We will help you understand if this disruptive technology
will be useful for your case.

Your business benefits

Real-time insights

Enhanced decision making

Improved efficiency

Anticipated customer’s needs

Automated daily tasks

Increased security

Our approach in Data science

For technology companies and enterprises our structured methodology generates business, innovation growth and new possibilities for our clients.








Case 1

Churn Prediction

Our client was the leading VoIP software company in Europe. They were struggling from increased customers' churn rate. Our team of Business analysts drew up a plan to implement Machine Learning algorithm into the customer's platform. The aim was to analyze every bit of data related to customers who left.

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Case 2

Fraud Detection

CHI Software developed a platform to help Insurance company identify fraud. The system automatically combines hundreds of variables from different datasets, including patient/prescriber history, interaction graphs, prescription characteristics, and other contextual data. The output is a degree of fraud possibility for each case.

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Case 3

Dynamic Pricing

German online store reached out to CHI Software with a request to develop and implement a dynamic pricing system. They were looking to reduce time on market and competitor’s research, also increase the efficiency of their pricing strategy. We delivered custom tailored neural network that analyses sales volumes, competitors and market trends.

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