Add new features with
ML & Face Recognition

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world. We help you enhance
and grow your business by deriving maximum benefit from Machine
Learning, neural nets, Computer Vision and Face Recognition solutions.

Brief overview

At CHI Software we help customers keep ahead of the competition by getting the best
of the artificial intelligence, machine learning and face recognition technologies in particular.
Our development team offers a personal approach and complex customized solutions to training
machines to solve a great variety of business tasks and add functionality to enterprise software.
The algorithms we use let us create systems which can analyse texts, videos or images and
build more effective process based on the insights.

Your business benefits

with ML and Face Recognition solutions

Real-time insights

Enhanced decision making

Improved efficiency

Anticipated customer’s needs

Automated daily tasks

Increased security

Explore new opportunities for your business domain


  • high-frequency trading
  • fraud detection
  • credit scoring


  • improved diagnostics
  • predictive medicine
  • advanced clinical trial research

Customer Service

  • reduced customer supports workload
  • automated virtual assistant
  • improved customer analytics


  • accelerated claims assessment
  • fraudulent claims detection
  • customer’s risks evaluation

Personal and Data Security

  • security breaches identification
  • spotting signs of brute-force attacks
  • sensitive data management

Smart Search with NLP

  • user’s search intent identification
  • personalized user approach
  • flawless on-site search experience

Frameworks and libraries:

  • TensorFlow
  • OpenCV
  • Caffe
  • NumPy
  • VLFeat
  • Mutlab
  • Apache Spark
  • Scikit-learn

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