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Prototyping and MVP development for startups at different stages of their life cycle

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Featured startups

CHI Software team brings own internal ideas to projects

Sherlock app


Sherlock App recognizes the environment in real-time and translates the words into the selected language instantly. The user doesn’t need to take any photos. It's enough to open the app and hover over the object.


  • Kotlin
  • TensorFlow
  • Camera2Api
  • NDK
  • Yandex Translation
  • Material Design



Chess is our favorite office game. This AR app gives a new life to the classic game, moving it to a ‘new dimension’. With a cool 3D design and improved functionality, it’s now more realistic than ever.


  • CocoaTouch
  • ARKit
  • SceneKit
  • RealmSwift
  • Core Graphics
  • Core Animation
  • Multi Touch



Connected Cars X


Connected Cars X should help agents set smart coverage for aggressive drivers and help regular drivers to save on auto insurance. The solution consists of a Secure Telematics Hardware with OBD interface, Secure Connected Cars X Platform, and a Mobile application.


  • C++
  • Ruby
  • iOS
  • PostgreSQL

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