Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Content Creators?

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Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) replace artists and creative specialists? Some industry specialists worry that they will lose their jobs because the world wouldn’t need them anymore. I have some thoughts about what leads to such uncertainty.

By 2022, it is estimated that nearly all companies will be digitalized in some way. Digital content is a massive part of this, and companies recognize the power of AI. 86% of b2b marketers and 77% of b2c marketers will use AI to some extent in their marketing efforts. But what about now?

In this short article, I decided to take a closer look at the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in content creation. Here’s what came out of it.

AI, Please, Write Me a Text

Social media posts, blog articles, and business letters – it is safe to say that texts are everywhere. As for me, they take roughly 70% of my workday. So this is the first thing I decided to try, and what I have found.

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In fact, there are plenty of AI opportunities for copywriters:

– generation of topics and popular queries,

– check for SEO statistics of the text and plagiarism,

– services that help paraphrase the text and even write separate parts for the article.

You only need to enter the request that you need, i.e., “Write me a sentence about Artificial Intelligence in textual content creation.” Just as an experiment I did. Can you recognize what I asked AI to create?

Of course, AI not just writes articles; but it can help you create better visuals too.

Converting a Text to an Image

There are several ways to create images using Artificial Intelligence.

The first and simplest is using tools that apply some styles to an already existing image or otherwise modify the original image. But this is no longer so interesting.

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You can enter any text and get an interesting, not less, image. Just write what you need, and the neural network will offer you image options.

A blonde girl drawn by AI algorithms

Yes, it’s me – a blond girl writing an article about Artificial Intelligence in content creation – according to AI.

There are a lot of text-to-image services for free access. Here is the same request for another platform.

A blonde girl in front of a laptop

It is just the start of technology. With the power of AI, you can now create 4K videos and realistic 3D images.

Is This the End of Art and Creativity?

I do not think so, and here is why. All processes that exist in the world are opposed.

  • When globalization began, national trends intensified.
  • When digital photography became available on every smartphone, film photography skyrocketed in popularity.
  • When digital music took over the world, people started buying records.

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Against the global and mass background, “past” trends and technologies become available only to specific layers of society.

Handmade art will likely experience the same fate. It goes without saying that AI technology cannot come up with an idea by itself, only reproduce it.

Final Thought

Artificial Intelligence can contribute to the creation of good content in many ways. For one, it can help speed up the whole process. It is constructive for those who create content regularly, such as bloggers or YouTubers. 

Additionally, AI can help to improve the quality of content by providing suggestions on grammar, style, and organization.

Still, I don’t see it replacing creative specialists and artists in recent years. What’s in the future? We will see.

About the author
Kateryna Melnyk, CHI Software
Kateryna Melnyk Business Development Manager

Kateryna loves leveraging the latest innovations to make a big impact on the business environment.

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