At the beginning of May, the team of CHI Software developers launched an app called “BE WITH UA”. It combines two useful features: introduces the user to Ukrainian dialects and financially helps Ukrainian defenders.


Lvivska Gvara 

At the core of the application is a quiz with words from the Lvivska Gvara (one of the Ukrainian dialects). 

Lvivska Gvara is a collection of Ukrainian, Polish, German, Jewish, Hungarian, and even English words and expressions that have been forming for decades on the territory of modern Lviv. The dialect is still common among local residents.

The Idea Behind the App

During the quiz, users watch static and video advertisements: one view equals 0,014 cents. It means that every 1000 ad views bring on average $14 of help for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This figure can be higher if users follow a link from the ad or watch a video till the end. 

The idea behind the BE WITH UA app

Comments from a User and Team of Creators

We had no intention to produce something extraordinary – rather, we made every effort to bring our victory closer. It turned out that the “BE WITH UA” app resonated with people. 

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Here is the app’s story from one of its creators:

“On the third day of the war, I realized that it wouldn’t be over quickly and started to consider ways to help our country. 

Today, many Ukrainians lost their jobs and usual income – they want to help the army but don’t know how to do it right. So it was important to create such an application that wouldn’t require any financial investment. On the other hand, this product should be fun and useful, requiring minimum effort from users. 

I found like-minded people among my colleagues, and we came up with the idea of an app “BE WITH UA”: all the money from ads views we will donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine“, – Papin Paronikyan, Technical Lead of the Android Department at CHI Software.

The app’s designer also shared her thoughts:

“In a few days after the war had started, I left Ukraine and my hometown – Kharkiv. Being abroad and in a safe place, I felt guilty because a part of my family remained in Kharkiv, which is still being bombarded by invaders. Thus, this project is my personal contribution to the victory of Ukraine.

When I figured out the app’s idea and features, I considered beauty, simplicity, and accessibility as the main pillars of “BE WITH UA”. No one likes to watch advertisements in apps. So, it was a challenge to create an attractive interface that would not trigger users with the number of videos. I’m happy that my vision was successfully implemented“, – Sophia Sardar, UX/UI, Graphic Designer at CHI Software.

We also asked our users about their experience – here’s a commentary from one of them:

”The “BE WITH UA” app is a brilliant idea to help our defenders. I don’t know much about Ukrainian dialects, so it’s interesting to study and help the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the same time. Thank you so much!”, – Natalia Blumova, the app’s user. 

Media Support 

We are spreading the word about “BE WITH UA” to cover a wider audience of smartphone users: 

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We are grateful for every mention and repost in the media, comments that people have left and stories they have shared about “BE WITH UA”. It motivates our team to improve the app and encourages us to move further.  

The Number of Downloads 

As of July 14, 2022, our application was downloaded by 2,100 Android and 2,400 iOS users.  But this is only the beginning of the way. To achieve tangible results, we need the support of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. Therefore, we encourage you to actively spread the information about “BE WITH UA” on social media and offline.

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The more downloads completed and advertisements viewed, the more money is sent to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Our Plans

Our team is continuously updating the application in accordance with feedback and suggestions from our users. 

We also plan to add another block of questions devoted to the Ukrainian language as a whole. The main idea of this update is to help the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine to improve their skills. 

Download BE WITH UA for iOS and Android

BE WITH UA: Let’s Learn, Help, and Win Together!

Follow the link to download “BE WITH UA” on your smartphone via Google Play or App Store. Also, subscribe to CHI Software’s social networks, where we will regularly publish financial statements about the funds raised.

Join a charitable initiative and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

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