How English-Speaking Mobile Users Can Support Ukrainian Defenders

How English-Speaking Mobile Users Can Support Ukrainian Defenders

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In January 2023, the Be with UA app creators announced a new quiz available for English-speaking users. The update aims to expand the app’s audience and with that provide more help to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The CHI Software team gathered a list of facts about the Ukrainian state and created a quiz in English. The app’s goal remains unchanged: users learn something new and help Ukrainian defenders at the same time. The user does not have to make any donations or in-app purchases. They only spend a few minutes of their free time passing quizzes and watching ads.

“The war in Ukraine has been long-lasting, but the world is still on our side. Our new update is a chance for a way wider audience to show us their support with just a few smartphone taps. The update’s idea is to let people around the globe know how great Ukraine is. We continuously expand the list of questions and share our app with more people”, – Papin Paronikyan, Be with UA Creator and Technical Lead of the Android Department at CHI Software.

Be with UA is a mobile app available for iOS and Android platforms, which allows users to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine by answering quiz questions and watching ads between quiz rounds. One advertisement view equals 0,014 cents, which means every 1000 ad views bring on average $14 of help for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

CHI Software is a company with Ukrainian origins, and we are most grateful to our friends, clients, and partners abroad who support our resistance. 

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