CHI Software and New Digital Intelligence Launch Joint Generative AI Delivery Center in Krakow

CHI Software and New Digital Intelligence Launch Joint Generative AI Delivery Center in Krakow

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CHI Software and New Digital Intelligence are proud to announce the opening of their new joint Generative AI delivery center in Krakow, dedicated to the innovation and development of Generative Artificial Intelligence. This collaboration signifies a major advancement in focus and capability for both companies.

A Strategic Hub for Generative  AI Development

Situated in the heart of Krakow, the joint delivery center is poised to become a pivotal hub for Generative AI product development and service delivery for clients across Europe. This partnership between CHI Software and New Digital Intelligence combines their respective strengths and resources, setting the stage for significant advancements in Generative AI.

Leaders’ Insights on the Collaboration

Michael Burian, CEO of New Digital Intelligence, speaks on the collaboration: “Our joint venture with CHI Software in Krakow is a strategic move to tap into the vibrant tech scene of Europe. We are excited about this collaboration as it will not only advance Generative AI technology but also serve the diverse needs of the European market.”

Volodymyr Dumiak, owner and managing partner at CHI Software, adds, “Establishing our joint delivery center in Krakow is a testament to our commitment to serving the European market. This collaboration will leverage the unique strengths of both companies, driving innovation and excellence in the field of Generative AI.”

Transforming Industries with Generative AI

The Krakow-based center will focus on creating Generative AI solutions designed to transform various sectors, including healthcare, finance, automotive, and more. The center aims to boost efficiency, drive innovation, and empower businesses across Europe with cutting-edge Generative AI technology.

Client Invitation 

Interested clients are invited to join our Generative AI incubation workshops in the innovation lab of the delivery center.

About CHI Software

CHI Software is a global leader in software development, renowned for its innovative technological solutions and commitment to excellence, and a IAOP Global TOP 100 company with over 800 highly skilled employees.

About New Digital Intelligence

New Digital Intelligence serves midsized companies in Europe with implementation and operations of Generative AI solutions covering an end-to-end service spectrum across the technology and the content layer, leveraging strong partner platforms such as Enterprise Bot for the digital assistants in the front-office.

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