How to Successfully Manage AI-Centered Projects

How to Successfully Manage AI-Centered Projects

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According to IBM findings, nearly 35% of companies are using AI for their goals, while 42% are actively exploring this niche to implement algorithms in the future. 

Even though these figures look promising for the AI industry, they, at the same time, challenge IT project management. That’s the topic we’d like to discuss at our CHI Talk.

The webinar “Project Management 2.0: Shift to AI Products” is taking place on April 20 at 3 pm GMT. You’ll see the other, not-so-popular, side of AI projects from the manager’s perspective.

AI Project Managment: CHI Software Webinar

Our meeting will include the following:

  • When using AI/ML is advisable and when not (yes, AI is not for everyone);
  • The basic terminology of AI projects;
  • The life cycle of an AI-driven project;
  • Introduction to model training and its types;
  • What should be in the center of the manager’s attention;
  • What to consider for AI project success.

The webinar’s speaker is Hanna Vinokurova, a project manager with 4+ years of commercial experience in IT. Her expertise covers mostly AI-based projects with a focus on machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. Hanna is also the author of the AI project management course at CHI IT Academy.

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Join us if you’re interested in AI implementation from a business standpoint and want to learn some insights from a practicing expert.

Our webinar is a live event for you to get answers to your questions throughout the meeting. Join us for free on LinkedIn on April 20 at 3 pm GMT. Register via the link.

CHI Talks is a series of free webinars initiated by the CHI Software team to uncover all sides of the IT industry, from AI engineering to MarTech and sales. With the help of prominent experts, we delve into details and leave no questions unanswered.

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