CHI Software participated in the International Industrial Fair in Kobe, Japan. The event took place on September 1-2, 2022 and united experts and exhibitors from numerous domains, such as environment/energy, healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, robotics/AI/IoT, etc.

CHI Software at the International Industrial Fair in Kobe, Japan

This time, the fair’s topic was “Opening up the future, moving the future”, presented in the form of lectures, seminars, networking events, and others. The event’s main goal was to discuss cutting-edge technologies explored by nearly 10,000 participants and provide opportunities for business matching.

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Our company’s representatives included Business Development Managers Dmytro Golosenko and Tetyana Pleskach, along with Olena Morozova, Chief Project Officer.

“Innovations have no borders. Startups and enterprises in every corner of the world are striving for growth and development. It’s always a pleasure to meet like-minded people who seek technological opportunities and are ready for changes. The International Industrial Fair is a unique and inspiring event for every curious mind”, – Dmytro Golosenko, Business Development Manager at CHI Software.

CHI Software works in tight collaboration with Japanese businesses. In May this year, the company opened a new office in Kobe to introduce our expertise to more innovation-driven organizations. We are grateful to Japanese entrepreneurs who continue supporting our talents while Ukraine is fighting for freedom.

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