Categories: Embedded, Mobile
Industry: Smart Solutions

Video streaming service


The project aims to perform constant encrypted surveillance of the house remotely for its top security. The custom Android app is used to watch video online in real time and notify a user in case of a break-in or other emergency.


A User can register his/her account, login and connect the hub via the Internet to watch video content remotely. In addition, this video streaming service allows to record video with motion only, so that a user could watch only relevant part of the content. A user can watch a video stream from linked devices, so that she/he could check the state of a video in real-time. Even if the hub has disconnected from the cloud, the video is backuped and saved. All video content is encrypted that means any user keep his/her content protected from exposure to unauthorized persons.


Video HUB: Raspberry Pi, C++ programming; Backend server: Python Django; Client app: native Android app, Java.

Mobile app screen of the Video streaming service