Author: Yuliia Melnik

How to Create a Mobile Banking App: Key Steps

Technology development in the fintech field has greatly simplified the management of personal finances. Users no longer need to queue at the cashier to complete a bank transaction. It is enough to install a desktop or mobile application, and you can quickly pay bills, transfer funds to different recipients, or deposit money.  The vast majority of banks and non-bank financial institutions understand that they will not be able to...

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Data Science in the Retail Industry: The Way of Success

In the past decade, the amount of information processed by commercial organizations has grown exponentially. This information, known as big data, can bring many benefits to businesses, but only if it is worked with correctly. Without proper preparation and processing, big data doesn't add much value.  The impact of data science is especially visible in retail and e-commerce. Industry analysts highlight that more than 75 percent of...

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