All-in-one payment system for clean energy company

Our client’s payment system is a powerful, end-to-end solution that simplifies and streamlines project financing for both lenders and borrowers. This platform replaces traditional spreadsheets, email, and pdfs with digitized workflows and automated data ingestion. Our main task on the project involves building and integrating various modules to enhance the platform's functionality.

Project background

With the increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy investments, financial institutions, developers, and funds need help managing and streamlining their infrastructure financing processes. Despite the advances in financial data availability, the infrastructure investment landscape still largely relies on manual and inefficient methods, such as disconnected systems, emails, and spreadsheets. Recognizing this issue, our client saw an opportunity to revolutionize the green energy investment industry by designing an all-in-one project finance solution.

The primary goal of this project is to create an integrated and seamless payment system that caters specifically to the needs of the green energy sector. The envisioned solution aims to drive efficiency and sustainability across the entire financing process by incorporating the latest technologies and the main trends prevalent in the market.

With these features in place, the all-in-one payment system presents a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution that aligns with the main trends in the green energy investment market. By providing seamless integration, efficiency gains, and multi-currency capabilities, the platform aims to support sustainable infrastructure growth while empowering financial stakeholders to navigate the complexities of clean energy investments with ease.

  • Duration: October 2022 – Ongoing
  • Location: San Francisco, CA, US
  • Industry: Green/Clean energy
  • Services:
  • Web development, Back-end development

Business needs

Even with all the advances in the availability of financial data, investing in infrastructure needs to be a more efficient and manual process that depends on disconnected systems, emails, and spreadsheets. Our client had this problem and wanted to design an all-in-one project finance solution to solve it and: 

– meet the growing demand for clean energy investments;

– help financial institutions, developers, and funds grow their sustainable infrastructure efficiently using the latest technologies.

Product features

  1. Digitize and streamline infrastructure investments and loan onboarding.
  2. Monitor key performance indicators and proactively mitigate risks.
  3. Comprehensive financial performance overview for better insights and decision-making.
  4. Seamless integrations with industry-leading accounting software and easy integration setup process.
  5. The project details page provides crucial project information at your fingertips.
  6. Configurable pop-ups for setting up various integrations with ease.



The solution involves building and integrating various modules to enhance the platform’s functionality, addressing the challenges financial institutions, developers, and funds face in managing green energy investments. Here’s a breakdown of the technical aspects:

Implementing Integrations: QuickBooks and SharePoint integration are vital system components. These integrations allow seamless import and export of financial data between the platform and existing accounting and collaboration tools.

Added NetSuite Integration: We’ve incorporated NetSuite, a robust cloud-based ERP system, to optimize financial processes further. Users can conveniently select project information on the platform and transfer it to NetSuite, easily creating invoices.

Multi-Currency Solution: Considering the global nature of green energy investments, we’ve developed a comprehensive multi-currency feature. The platform leverages NetSuite as its accounting system to access real-time currency exchange rates, ensuring accurate financial calculations and reporting.

Frontend Modules: The project encompasses multiple frontend modules, all developed using Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework. Each module caters to specific functionalities such as data management, generating reports, and handling integrations.

The modular approach ensures a clear separation of concerns and allows developers to focus on specific logic within each module, making maintenance and scaling more efficient.

Our technology stack

  • Backend: Java 11
  • Backend: Spring Boot 2.5
  • Backend: flyway
  • Backend: postgreSQL
  • Backend: Few AWS services
  • Backend: OpenCV
  • Backend: apache-poi
  • Frontend: VUE 3

Client values

  1. Improved solution efficiency: The seamless integrations with QuickBooks, SharePoint, and NetSuite streamline financial data import/export and optimize overall financial processes, saving time and effort for financial institutions, developers, and funds.
  2. Higher accuracy: Accuracy is essential in financial calculations and reporting, especially considering the global nature of green energy investments. 
  3. Simplified workflow: With the frontend modules developed using Vue.js, users can easily manage data, generate reports, and handle integrations, enhancing overall project management and decision-making.
  4. High solution scalability: The modular approach of the solution enables scalability, allowing developers to focus on specific functionalities within each module. This ensures that the platform can grow and adapt to evolving needs and demands in the green energy investment industry.
  5. Integration Flexibility: The ability to integrate with leading accounting software (QuickBooks, SharePoint, and NetSuite) and other collaboration tools offers high flexibility. This allows them to work seamlessly with their existing systems and processes, avoiding disruptions during implementation.
  6. Real-time roll-up data: The financial performance overview provided by the platform offers valuable real-time insights. Clients can make informed decisions based on up-to-date data, helping them optimize their sustainable infrastructure investments effectively.
  7. Risk mitigation: The platform’s ability to monitor key performance indicators and mitigate risks is crucial for financial institutions, developers, and funds.

Employee testimonial

testimonial for payment system
Dmytro Kovalenko Senior Java Developer/Full stack, Team Lead

We started on this thrilling project not too long ago, and I must say, it has been a remarkable experience. One of the aspects I particularly enjoy is dealing with diverse payment systems integrations, including banks and various financial institutions. It's challenging and rewarding to work on such intricate systems. Moreover, the ticket management feature has been a game-changer for our team. The special chat for reporting defects and facilitating internal and external communication is simply fascinating. It has streamlined our workflows and made collaboration seamless, ensuring that we address issues promptly and efficiently. I'm thrilled to be working with such a dynamic team on a project that has a real impact in the world of finance and technology. Looking forward to the continued progress and success of this endeavor.

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