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Industry: Fintech

Personal wallet agent


To help customers to get control of their finances, smooth their monthly cash flow and thus improve users’ financial satisfaction and raise their happiness index.


The application is a next-generation fintech customer agent. It lets the app admins mediate between users and their employers, and helps users receive salary advance without having to wait for the calendar payday.The payouts can be scheduled daily, weekly or on demand bases. The application uses a third-party API, which allows admins to verify users, check their credit score, and determine the risks and potential benefits of working with the particular user. CHI Software developer was a part of the distributed team.


Python (2.7.x), Flask, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, Codeship, Mambu API, CallCreit API, Gulp, Angular JS.

Application screen of the Smart wallet agent
Application screen of the Smart wallet agent