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Interactive social media network with video streaming

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Categories: Mobile, Web INDUSTRY: Media

Project background

USA-based media startup aiming at supporting people’s communication during pandemics. The client wanted to offer a new concept of social networking app, something close to a real nightclub online, for people to gather and communicate, have parties with good music, and share interactive videos. This solution was supposed to cover all platforms and devices: for both mobile and desktop users    


Swift, Kotlin, WebRTC, Smack, XMPP, Janus, Qt, QWebEngine, Python

Business challenges     

  • To check the idea (concept) of a new social platform during the pandemic time;  
  • To develop the social media network solution from scratch for the USA target audience;  
  • To avoid out-of-the-box solutions like Twillio and find custom software development services for desktop and mobile solutions;  
  • To show stable prototypes for investors’ approval.


Product discovery, custom software development, web development, desktop development (Windows and Mac OS), native mobile app development (iOS and Android).   


  • Product discovery: research, analysis, and estimation;   
  • Creation of technical documentation;   
  • UX design for all platforms;  
  • Prototypes/MVP;   
  • Custom software development for all platforms;  
  • Software testing.  


  • We started fast, conducting a profound discovery phase with a lot of research. Over time, we began to apply the Use Case Scenario and User Stories + AC approach, which demonstrated the value from each selected feature;  
  • We provided custom software development services for all platforms of the client’s interest: desktop (Windows and Mac OS) and mobile application development services (for iOS and Android users);  
  • We created working prototypes within the MVP stage to check if the idea was valid. 

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