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How to Build a Mobile Wallet App: CHI Software’s Advice

The latest reports show that every week more than 25 percent of people make purchases via mobile devices. Most transactions are done through the merchant's applications. For this reason, global mobile payment incomes crossed US$1 trillion in 2019.   Millennials who have grown up in the universe of gadgets are rapidly changing fintech. People worldwide are moving away from “physical” payments to digital tools, among which wallet applications (e-wallets) are of particular interest. They are useful for both sides of the deal...

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Create a Money Transfer App in the World of P2P Transactions

Recent research studies show that in 2019, the number of smartphones surpassed five billion worldwide. The majority of owners use mobile devices to make direct peer-to-peer (P2P) payments. The popularity of such platforms is growing every day due to the simplicity, convenience, and high-speed operations processing.  In the United States alone, analysts predict that 52.5 percent of smartphones will have at least one monetary operation per month by 2022. People in other countries are also switching to P2P payments and need an appropriate mobile/web environment. Therefore, by offering such products, you occupy an interesting...

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Machine learning in dynamic pricing: CHI Software’s experience 

One of the critical decisions a company makes about a product is its price. Nowadays, merchants require sophisticated pricing strategies to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace and satisfy all consumers' needs. Businesses face two key challenges: optimizing prices and managing income in a constantly changing environment. So, companies use a strategy called dynamic pricing to solve them simultaneously.   The method's efficiency can be noticeably increased with artificial intelligence (AI)...

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How to Create a Health Insurance Mobile Application

Health insurance companies have worked on the global market for a long time, and the industry is enormous. But not many healthcare businesses consider the need for mobile apps and neglect them. By doing so, insurance companies lose a significant part of their customers. According to the Accenture 2020 Digital Health Consumer Survey, 75 percent of patients understand the importance of healthcare apps and are ready to use the min personal insurance programs.  Smart mobile solutions can...

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Building an Investment Platform: Our Advice

In the face of digitalization and the pandemic’s impact on business workflows, the investment industry’s focus has shifted to online platforms. They allow wealth to grow, and customers understand it. In Australia alone, the investment platform market was US$680 billion in the first half of 2020, with positive growth of 8 percent in the quarter.   This trend is global and clear for fintech companies and startups. Today, competing platforms...

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